Leyte town mayor’s wife harasses resort owner

Leyte town mayor’s wife harasses resort owner

MANILA — For destroying the fences of her private resort, a businesswoman has filed a complaint against Helenita A. Batiancela, wife of Calubian Mayor Marciano A. Batiancela, Jr., with the Calubian Police Station in Leyte.

In her complaint affidavit, Ella L. Kramer, a 56-year-old widow and a dual citizen (Dutch and Filipino), alleged that Batiancela with some men entered her property without any permission from her, removed the barricades, destroyed certain fences in the property and removed some signages that state “No Trespassing” and “Private Property” during quarantine period.

One of the men with Batiancela allegedly even threatened the lives of the resort owner’s niece and a resort worker who were present during the demolition of the fences.

The more than four-hectare resort, named Lotus Beach Resort, is a favorite and familiar spot in Calubian, and is managed by the owner for more than 23 years.

The resort owner claimed the action of the wife of the town mayor and her men made them fear for their lives since the Batiancelas are in power.

“We were threatened by one of the men who were with Mayor Batiancela’s wife that we should not interfere or they may be killed (Ayaw mo apil apil kay basin may mangamatay ha iyo!),” the owner’s niece and resort cashier, said.

A janitor of the resort also said he was present when Batiancela and the group of men barged into the resort, destroyed some fences and made threats. (MTVN)

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