Angel Locsin shrugged off by fellow ‘Kapamilya’ actors

Angel Locsin shrugged off by fellow ‘Kapamilya’ actors

By Evelyn C. Diao

ANGEL LOCSIN has been in the midst of controversy since the congressional hearing until the shutdown of her home network ABS-CBN.  Everybody knows how she bravely stated that she would not take the issue against the Kapamilya channel sitting down. She wouldn’t be silenced. And she is not, till now.

She has been at the forefront of rallies enjoining her Kapamilya artists to no avail. There are some who complied, while others managed to stay silent, which somewhat offended Angel for their being uncooperative. This prompted Angel to hurl unfavourable words against them.

This slant is now causing negative impact on the actress and netizens claim that horns are slowly coming out. She is becoming the favorite subject of conversation among her silent Kapamilya actors who were hurt by her snide remarks.

An example was the text of a certain actor to a fellow actor: “O, hinahanap na kayo sa rally ng amo n’yo! Wala raw kayong ginagawa!”

Angel has gone too far in her fight for her network, hurting her fellow actors’ emotions to an extent. She may have good motives but she should have taken into consideration how some people who would rather keep silent. We are in a pandemic, we are afraid to go out.

A netizen went as far as singling out Alessandra de Rossi for not joining in with Locsin: “Bakit ikaw, Alessandra de Rossi, puro ka panalangin sa Twitter, di ka naman sumasali sa rally para lumaban para sa mga Pilipino?”

De Rossi tweeted back: “May COVID. Maawa ka. At hindi ako okay (mentally) pag maraming tao. Birthday nga, di ako uma-attend, rally pa?”  

Classic De Rossi, known for being candid and doesn’t mind being called snotty or snooty if she thinks she is right.

‘Yang COVID, wala akong X-ray vision para diyan. Takot ako diyan, yan ang totoo,” she explained 

Another Kapamilya talent Jane de Leon, who could have been another Darna prior to pandemic, and the very same role Angel played sometime ago, also expressed her opinion that one need not join a noise barrage just to show support for ABS-CBN. In her Instagram post, De Leon states: “My support to the current crisis that the network is facing right now is not just measured by going out on the streets in this time of pandemic.”

Angel immediately posted her response: “No one asked you to go out and join the rally. Obviously, you don’t need to go out to use your voice for the voiceless. But making up an excuse to save face at the expense of those who are fighting for their lives is purely disgusting.”

In hindsight, it looks like this controversy is not yet about to end if Angel continues with her bubbling remarks against her fellow actors who are silent.  

Open letter ré feedback on DJ Loonyo’s episode on “Magpakailanman”

THE life story of Rhemuel Lunio a.k.a. DJ Loonyo was aired on Mel Tiangco’s “Magpakailanman” on July 19, 2020.

Naturally and expectedly, there are varied reactions to the story as it was told through the eyes of the creative staff of the program.

In relation to a specific post by his ex-girlfriend / partner and mother to his departed son, this is what our team would like to express on this matter:

“First and foremost, DJ Loonyo conducted an interview to share intimate and publicly unknown details about his life for the coverage, with the request to omit or leave out some sensitive parts, particularly pertaining to his son. We, as management and team, signed a contract allowing the program to enhance certain aspects of his life, because it is still, in fact, good for a dramatic TV show re-telling.

“We worked together with the writing staff to limit the references to the past love story and asked to change the name references, or, as much as possible, edit out parts that were not true. With all due respect to the respectable program and its host, Ms. Mel Tiangco, the re-telling was as respectfully told as possible and shed a light on both the positive and negative aspects of his life.

“We understand that in this situation, nothing can be fulfilled, because emotions run high.

“On behalf of Rhemuel or DJ Loonyo (however you may want to refer to him), we apologize to the individuals or families who were offended by the re-telling of his life story. We genuinely mean no offense, nor did we wish any ill or harm on anyone, and most of all his son.

“As you may have seen from the episode, he is far from being a perfect person, and public perception these days is quite a big deal. So the mudslinging, the name-calling, the hurtful words that you find yourself typing in the comment section is understandable; but also, quite unfortunate and unnecessary. Please bear in mind that inasmuch as freedom of speech is a right given to all, it does not mean we can use our voice or our words to wound others especially when we do not know the whole story.

“When our team agreed to give the show rights to air and relate his life’s, it was not done with malice or selfish intent but to ultimately show the viewers that no matter how bad things may go in your life, there will always be a reason to keep fighting and striving. And hopefully, God will give you His grace in the end.

“Thank you to those who stay supportive, and who think before they type or click away. Thank you for understanding.”

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