Aga Muhlach fears COVID, declines movie offer for MMFF

Aga Muhlach fears COVID, declines movie offer for MMFF

By Evelyn C. Diao

WHILE other showbiz personalities are occupied with their respective activities—others on the seemingly never-ending issue with ABS-CBN, some on how to divert their works into practical jobs to sustain their lives amid this pandemic, a few number lucky enough to go on with their television projects and few others who plan to make movies—actor Aga Muhlach chose to slip away quietly, settling in his vacation house in Batangas together with his family, away from the stress of frenetic city life and news about COVID.

       He is so afraid to be infected by this COVID-19 that he declined a movie offer from a big film outfit who would pair him with a popular actress. It was reported that he has worked with her in a project under Star Cinema.    

       According to Aga’s manager Ethel Ramos, there will be no movie for Aga this 2020 albeit he stated in early interviews that he really wanted to have one for the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

       His manager added that Aga is so eager to do a movie but maybe, for next year, not in this time of pandemic, which she hopes and prays would no longer be here by 2021.

       Nevertheless, Aga has reached his quota in 2019 with the success of his MMFF movie “Miracle in Cell No.7,” a Korean adaptation. He may have lost in the Best Actor trophy category, which was highly protested when it went to an indie actor but, he is a winner in the tills. The movie was a blockbuster during the MMFF run.

       He also did “Nuuk” which was filmed in Greenland opposite Alice Dixson.

       Unlike other stars who are heavily affected with this pandemic, Aga can fully relax with his wife Charlene and twins Atasha and Andres in their vacation house in Batangas and not worry about anything but COVID.

       In all his stay in show business, Aga is known for his frugality and it all paid off. He now owns several franchise stores of a fast food chain. His good family image has earned him an ambassador of a popular air condition company which was launched last year.

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