‘Is Sec Leonor Briones still in command at DepEd?’

‘Is Sec Leonor Briones still in command at DepEd?’

THE DEP-ED grand overlook. How will blended learning work for these school-children of Culion Elementary School in Culion, a former leprosarium and a third-class municipality in Palawan with a population of around 22,000?

On its rush to open classes in August, the Department of Education has overlooked these children who have no internet connectivity, no laptop, no personal computer, no tablet and no television signal?

Is Sec Leonor Briones the one in command or people around her are deceiving her to believe that everything is fine and under control with regards to the opening of classes in August?

Culion has no budget to print and reproduce reading materials and supply the school materials needed by these public school students.

What guarantee that these kids will not be working the farm with their parents for survival?

Why can’t Dep-Ed admit that it is not ready for the August opening of classes?

Why is there no one advising Sec. Briones to recommend to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to defer it?

On topmost photo: Sec. Leonor Briones. /Photos by Benjamin Cuaresma

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