Coco Martin now on silent mode

Coco Martin now on silent mode

By Evelyn C. Diao

NETIZENS are missing the presence of Kapamilya hitmaker Coco Martin on social media as he is hardly heard raising his voice and seen on rallies for ABS CBN. They are asking why all of a sudden, he is now on silent mode.

When ABS CBN went off the air on May 4 after its failed franchise renewal, Coco Martin was the first to rant like an injured wolf barking in the fields expressing his anger and disgust against the government for being so unmerciful towards the network’s 11,000 employees at this time of pandemic.

He was unstoppable and people surmised he was still in character portraying his role of Cardo Dalisay in his long-running teleserye “Ang Probinsiyano.”

But as days went by, the nosey netizens observed that Coco has slowed down, his voice has also toned down as in hardly heard of and they wondered if he has become exhausted or has surrendered to the bashings he received on social media where some of his followers expressed their disappointments over his uncalled-for stance. They were surprised to see that beyond his pretty good boy, innocent looking image was an entirely different  Coco Martin. He was the opposite persona of what they used to see during interviews and TV guestings.

But the truth according to some kibitzers, Coco may have been advised to keep quiet for he has everything to lose—his endorsements from different companies and food products and possibly, others may pull off offers if he continues to be emotional. He doesn’t realize that his rants have created a negative impact on his image and popularity.

It is true that he will lose a lot,  more so if his “Ang Probinsiyano” also ends. He has no movies and this may eventually lead to his popularity fading away and later be called a “has been” or in showbiz lingo “la ocean deep” or Tagalog, “laos.”


FILM Development Council of the Philippines(FDCP) chair Liza Dino has been removed as a member of the executive committee of the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) following some snide remarks between her and MMDA spokesperson Celine Pialago.  

MMFF Overall Chairman Danny Lim formally wrote Dino a letter recently, which states her removal from MMFF execom. It says:

“As early as 2016, you already made efforts to transfer the management of the MMFF from Metro Manila Development Authority(MMDA) to the Film Development Council of the Philippines(FDCP). You even wrote a letter to Malacanang asking for the extension of festival period for MMFF and to transfer chairmanship of MMFF from the undersigned to you.  You even directly accused MMFF of being involved in controversies, an institution which you supposedly belong and as a member of the Executive Committee should be defending.

“Recent events and information coming to our office indicate that you have not given up on your dream to take over the chairmanship of MMFF and to take it away from MMDA and is actively pursuing the same.

       “We honestly believe therefore that your membership in the Executive Committee is no longer tenable as your actions are inimical to MMFF and reek conflict of interest. We regret not your removal from MMFF but rather it has come to this far. After your first botched attempt to transfer administration of MMFF to you and your office, we were expecting you to resign out of delicadeza. For this reason, we would like to inform you that we have decided to withdraw your appointment as a member of the Executive Committee.”

Liza Dino has no reaction yet as of this time regarding the letter of MMDA’s Chairman Danilo Lim.

On the same note, the group of Cinema Exhibitors Association of the Philippines has expressed its support to the MMDA’s management of MMFF in a separate statement.  

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