LSIs left RMSC with tons of trash as ‘souvenir’

LSIs left RMSC with tons of trash as ‘souvenir’

Wherever people gather in huge numbers like the thousands of locally stranded individuals (LSIs) who took refuge recently at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, mounds if not mountains of trash is almost always a constant factor as shown in photos here.

Another risky factor is — if left unattended for a long period of time — chances are they might all contract trash-borne diseases even more virulent than Covid-19.

For the information of our government officials, crowd management comes with trash or refuse management. It should be incorporated in the masterplan on moving huge number of people in one place.

Aside from trash management, proper health hygiene of occupants should also be taken into consideration. (Rez Manaquil / BENJAMIN CUARESMA)

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