Secret celebrity weddings amid pandemic

Secret celebrity weddings amid pandemic

By Evelyn C. Diao

IT could be remembered that few days before the community quarantine in March, couple Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati immediately took their vows in a simple wedding ceremony just to seal their union. They postponed the grand celebration despite all the preparations months prior to their wedding date due to the impending lockdown. What was important to  Richard and Sarah was that they would be united in matrimony after having lived together for more the two years with two sons. It could have been another wedding of the year which was supposedly held at the Shangrila Hotel in BGC.

There were other celebs who decided to forego their wedding ceremonies, but how true is it that there are two  popular couples who, just recently, sneaked out and took advantage of the quarantine season to secretly exchange “I dos?”

My tweetie bird chirped into my ears that a popular tandem, an aging controversial actor and a “now-you-see, now-you-don’t” actress vowed to each other “till death do us part” amidst a cold ambiance somewhere in the southwest. The actress was swept off her feet after her “ex” wooed her the second time around with a promise “to have her and to hold her until kingdom come.”

       The question now is, how would the actress’ sensitive mom react to her daughter’s decision when she was very much against the aging actor? Let’s wait and see how the mother will cry ocean when she learns about this!

Another long-time couple for years, is now is reported to be enjoying their wedded bliss. Just recently, too, they both vowed to cherish each other in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer till death they do they part. The guy who is a popular personality has been suspected by netizens and people known to him that his relationship with the young actress would not lead to the altar.

Surprisingly, bees buzz around that they have gotten married.

How and why?

The aging tweetie bird chirped that the actress is currently infanticipating and perhaps, the mom egged the popular personality to marry her daughter. But what about the equally popular mother of this popular personality? Although, it has been her desire to have a grandchild by his popular son, it looks like she was quite offended by their veiled move, when all the couple had to do was to inform her even if they would hide their vows to themselves.

 Fearing his mom could not contain her excitement, the popular personality decided to go on with their wedding ceremony by themselves sans frills and all, because the young actress has just signed a contract with a company she would work with and the infanticipating news could hamper her much-awaited project, hence the secret. So there!

Next couple, please?

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