Here’s the latest in the COVID-19 vaccine race

Here’s the latest in the COVID-19 vaccine race

Above photo is a list of candidates at various stages of clinical trials

MANILA – As the world cowers in fear against an unseen killer disease that is the Covid-19, the race is on for labs to find a vaccine to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

And as the pandemic rages, countries around the world are on edge researching different vaccine technologies that might halt the pandemic.

A report by Vaccine Alliance GAVI says that out of the 148 candidate vaccines that researchers are working on, 17 are now in human clinical trials.

When candidate vaccines make it to human clinical trials, they first go through phase 1 trials primarily to test the vaccine’s safety, determine dosages and identify any potential side effects in a small number of people.

Phase 2 trials further explore safety and start to investigate efficacy on larger groups.

The final stage, phase 3 trials, which few vaccines ever make it to, are much larger, involving thousands or tens of thousands of people, to confirm and assess the effectiveness of the vaccine and test whether there are any rare side effects that only show up in large groups.

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