Lloyd Umali belies tabloid article that he and his family are COVID positive

Lloyd Umali belies tabloid article that he and his family are COVID positive

By Evelyn C. Diao

SINGER Lloyd Umali belied the rumor that came out in an evening tabloid that he and his family are all COVID positive.

        The said article came out this morning so we sent a direct message to Lloyd, who is a personal friend, to check on him and to try to confirm the news. We could imagine his laughter as he responded with long “hahahaha” note and told us that he has several namesakes on Facebook. His real account is Lloyd Kho Umali and he denied posting those statements on his FB account.

        The “Bakit Kung Sino Pa” hitmaker is thankful that he is still remembered even if he is quite inactive in showbiz, but he feels sad because the news are wrong. He only mustered that he wished they had verified the news with me first even on socmed whether the news is true or not.    

        Besides, the name of his wife is Alecs Umali and not Risa, the dentist. They are happily residing in Japan occasionally visiting Manila from time to time. They are also grateful that they are ably supported by the Japanese government for all their necessities during this pandemic.  

        What only worries Lloyd and makes him mad about the article would be the reaction of his family back here in Manila and his loved ones abroad. “I am afraid that they might worry about me when the truth is, I am alive and kicking, rock and rolling,” he said.

        He also denied all the statements he supposedly quoted in the article. It was from one of his namesakes.  He also asked us to make it clear that Lloyd Kho Umali is his official Facebook account and he and his family, thanks to God, are all alive and well and above all, COVID free.

Rock and roll!

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