Arnell Ignacio chides fellow actors to research first before they rant on socmed

Arnell Ignacio chides fellow actors to research first before they rant on socmed

By Evelyn C. Diao  

ACTOR-comedian Arnell Ignacio recently chided his fellow actors particularly actress Jennylyn Mercado for their series of rants on social media towards the administration.

These past days, Jennylyn has been hogging entertainment tabloid headlines for openly criticizing the government on issues from the ABS CBN shutdown that she emphasized has affected many employees  to questioning the government where the borrowed money went during this pandemic.

 A former Deputy Chairman of OWWA and supporter of the  PDU30 government, Arnell  did not waste any time to give his statement to Jennylyn and to other showbiz personalities to make a research first about politics, government and other social issues before they rant so they will not be ignorant.

As to where the borrowed money went? Arnell told her  to check it on the website because the breakdown of expenses are there. “Ayan, mapapahiya ka lang,”  Arnell said.

The comedian/actor also mentioned that Jennylyn is the one who is putting herself in an embarrassing situation citing the examples of the netizens’ comments on her post.

Alluding other celebs, Arnell went on saying: “Payo lang, huwag niyo nang pasukin ang ang hindi ninyo linya. You have very successful careers because you are good actors. Do not even think that the power of popularity will instantly translate into the mastery of the political jungle. Wawasakin n’yo ang mga career ninyo.”

In his Facebook video, Arnell cited Aiko Melendez among the showbiz personalities who has the right view of what this government is doing. To be reminded, Aiko was a Quezon City councilor for some years and she is already somewhat oriented on the political laws.   

Just recently, Arnell was also in a clash with former singer Mystica whom he filed charges for her derogatory remarks against the President of the Republic.

Many netizens agree with Arnell on his counsel toward his fellow celebrities who make tongue-lashing, non-sensible lines against any issue related to the government. Riding on their popularity and expecting they will gain public sympathy especially from among their fans, they speak as if they are loaded with solutions to government problems and they believe that by giving some centavo worth of opinion about certain issues, they would be heard and much more, would mean they have something between their ears and they are in.  

They never think of the consequences before they open their mouths.  They are too emotional as if they are acting a dramatic scene with all the spotlights and cameras grinding before them.

Another netizen also said that these celebrities are maybe just hungry for attention, especially at this time of pandemic, with a hope they would always be talked about. Right now, they have no shows on TV, no movies, and in  showbiz world, Filipinos easily forget, and this is what scare these celebs most—being out of sight or not heard of until eventually, one by one, becomes a “has been.”              

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