Julia Barretto vows not to answer queries re her lovelife  (never again!)

Julia Barretto vows not to answer queries re her lovelife (never again!)

By Evelyn C. Diao

JULIA BARRETTO is one of the young celebrities who is very candid and vocal about her family life and her love life but, this time, she says, they belong to the past. Having undergone so many controversies at a young age including family scandals—she actually grew up with it— and having been linked with several relationships, Julia, now, more mature and experienced, vows not to divulge to the public anything that  concerns her love life.

Just recently, her post on her vlog sounded she was irritated when she said: “Why is everyone asking about my love life? I’m not gonna answer that question again,”her pointblank reply in her recent vlog which is MUKBANG + Q&A FAIL  when some netizens tried to peak into the current state of her heart.  

At first, she was happily answering all the questions posed by netizens thru her Instagram stories about her favorite place she loves to go to, her favorite attire and even what she loves now that she is living on her own.

But when a netizen asked her about her love life, Julia immediately turned serious saying she will not answer that question and suddenly ended the vlog.

In a teaser she posted in her Instagram account, Julia did not explain anything, just a short and random vlog she did.

It can be recalled that on her last birthday last March 10, she somewhat introduced somebody who she claimed was the one who has been making her happy now. She even called the guy “a loved one” who was with her family during the celebration.

In an interview with her on a radio program 89.9, Julia did not admit directly that she is into a relationship but she made sure she will not divulge to the public anything that concerns her love life or her next boyfriend.  She  said this is the only way she can protect her man and their relationship.

Julia was in a reel and real relationship with Joshua Garcia but it ended in separation after she was linked with Gerald Anderson while doing a movie together. She got the ire of the netizens and Bea Alonzo’s fans who, at that time, was in a relationship with Gerald. She was also accused of having been the cause of Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson’s separation. The netizens also sympathized with Joshua who was a victim, too!

It was a big issue that it became a talk in the showbiz circle for quite a long time until it died a natural death.

Her followers understand that it is just but proper for Julia to keep her next relationship private this time. She has learned her lessons, after all.  

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