Official Maharlika Association launches Balik-Palay Program

Official Maharlika Association launches Balik-Palay Program

The Official Maharlika Association ( has recently announced the launch of Balik-Palay Program for the benefit of palay farmers in the countryside.

OMA said palay seeds were directly distributed to farmers and they will use part of its harvest to assist more farmers in neighboring provinces for them to gain anew rice self-sufficiency.

The project is seen to be a big boost amid the COVID-19 pandemic “so they can ensure food supply for their families and loved ones” OMA said.

The OMA assistance to provide the palay seeds may not help the whole country but it will definitely send a ripple effect to enable key partners to also support rice farmers.

Allocation per farmer from OMA is accordingly good for one (1) hectare each.

OMA also thanked its head for Agriculture Support, Mr. Jaime Gornot, who was instrumental in the viability of the aid and so with Mrs. Alice Tabernero for joining hands to ensure farmers feel the presence of the beloved IRM, OMA Chairman Mr. Paul Moñozca, OMA and donor, the Monozca Foundation (

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