Following a successful tour of duty in Cebu City, the SAF troopers leave the Queen City and back to their barracks in Camp Crame, Metro Manila. Before their departure, however, Police Regional Office 7 Director Albert Ignatius Ferro visited the SAF barracks in Cebu City to personally thank the troopers’ service. (Photo courtesy by Sunstar Cebu)

By C. delos Angeles

MECQ Reflections

(1st of two parts)

Another day at home, another day on the computer reviewing the latest on the outside world where I dare not venture out.

Prior to the official announcement of MECQ, there were campaigns to act like its ECQ.

In our current world of finger pointing and complaining, I think we should just do our part and obey. Probably follow the suggested campaign and act like its ECQ.

DENR Sec. Roy Cimatu and PNP Maj. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar

The front-liners are tired, the government is tired, I think we are all tired. Tired of COVID, tired of the lockdown, tired of being at home, and tired of figuring out a way to support ourselves amidst the lockdown.

I cannot help but wonder despite the seat of government and all the resources in Manila why we cannot flatten the curve. I know we are 20 million people in a small radius, however I think we are looking at the picture the wrong way. Instead of focusing on the 20 million people, cramped urban poor communities, etc.

We should focus on smaller clusters. I know the government is doing it but I think everyone is just tired overall.

I remember Cebu, I have family, friends and even an office there. The cases were mounting (surpassed Manila on new cases per day), the hospitals were full, doctors and nurses were tired, the battle was being lost. Yet in two weeks things were different.

Pres. Duterte called for a task force. Brought the area to ECQ and sent Sec. Cimatu and Gen Eleazar to Cebu.

Immediately, there was a difference. Cebu became like a ghost town. People obeyed. Two weeks later the curve was on a down trend and continues to this day.

Why can it not happen here in Metro Manila? I think it can. We are still MECQ and there is still time left to implement Cebu style enforcement of the law. There is still time to turn the tide but we need to act quickly.

(To be continued)

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