The impressive art of viral leaf artist MM Dacanay

The impressive art of viral leaf artist MM Dacanay

SHE became an instant hit when she broke the internet with her masterpieces carved in jackfruit(langka) leaves, featuring Kapuso celebrities like Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros or JoWaPao, the Eat Bulaga hosts Tito, Vic and Joey or TVJ.

In a recent episode of “Mars Pa More,” a morning show on GMA 7 hosted by Iya Villania and Camille Prats,leaf artist Mary May “MM” Dacanay was hailed “Mars of the Hour” for her newfound online fame and her unique artworks.

In her conversation with hosts Iya and Camille, MM narrated how she got into leaf art.

She narrated that she started with different artworks, then experimented on different arts.

“I started also form matches, malunggay leaves, and when lockdown came, I experimented on artwork and discovered the leaf art,” she revealed.

MM also shared that she was overwhelmed with joy when she found out that photos of her leaf art went viral.

“I am so overwhelmed because it was the first time I got to be trending on social media with so many likes and shares. MM also reveals that it is taking her about an hour to finish a single leaf artwork. She also detailed her creative process in crafting her leaf masterpieces.

“I have a point of reference, then it’s like sketching it on paper.” The hardest to etch is the one near the eyes or somewhere in the nose.

There are three ways to preserve a leaf art, according to MM.  She said the first is to have it framed, the second is by using dried leaves instead to fresh ones, although it is definitely more complicated for the leaf artist because as dried leaves crack easily.

She suggests that one can use fresh leaves then wait for it to dry before inserting it in between pages of a book.

“If it is for posting like what I did for the 24 Oras anchors, I used fresh leaves, then wait for them to dry up then I will insert of press them within the pages of a book.”

Commissioning a leaf art from MM, her masterworks start at 200 pesos per leaf/head.

Giving it as a gift to someone or owning one for yourself is a bright idea with MM’s leaf art.  You may get in touch with her through her social media accounts.

By the way, you can learn more of other stories of inspiring women in  Mars Pa More aired from Monday to Friday at 8:45 a.m. on GMA-7.

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