Online consumer advocate warns buyers of fake Seiko watches

Online consumer advocate warns buyers of fake Seiko watches

MANILA – Sure they look good as the original sturdy-looking and fashionable Seiko wristwatch but do they really function as good as the original one?

That is the dilemma now many online buyers of Seiko watches have gotten themselves into as they were made to believe and buy replicas of the original product that cannot tell the real-time of day.

Don’t fell prey to these con artists online that consumer advocate Toto Ylagan himself fell victim to.

And to steer away from the devices of the said scammers, Ylagan has offered to-do tips:  

“Before making your final order in buying Seiko watches online, ask the seller the following questions:

  1. Show me the Seiko watches you are offering?
  2. Is it original?
  3. Do you issue receipts and warranty cards?
  4. Are you an authorized outlet of Seiko Phils.?
  5. If so, show me your authenticated authorization please…

Ylagan further explained that “if the seller cannot answer all the above questions, promptly cancel your deal and forget about it. Better yet, keep your money than buying a fake watch (or any product).”

Ylagan is a consumer advocate who is also an active online buyer since April this year when online stores mushroomed rapidly soon after community quarantines were declared throughout the whole country.

Like fake news, fake products are harmful to the growth of the nation, it is a poison that has to be eradicated to prevent its deadly spread, Ylagan said.

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