Foreign sounding, Michael Pacquiao’s rap trends on YouTube

Foreign sounding, Michael Pacquiao’s rap trends on YouTube

PEOPLE’S champ and Senator Manny Pacquiao did not expect that his second son Michael has a singing talent particularly rap and was even surprised when after Michael guested on Wish 107.5 where he performed his single “Hate,” it immediately went viral and logged some 8.8 million views in just a week after its release and right now, it ranks number four among the trending videos on YouTube.

Proud parents Manny and Jinkee were both ecstatic about the result of their son’s work and even delighted with the positive response from popular musicians—and netizens, too— like Chito Miranda of the popular band Parokya ni Edgar.

On his Twitter account, Chito said: “Ayos ang tugtugan ng anak ni Pacquiao, ah. Nakakabilib, orig ba ‘yun? Kung oo sobrang astig. Kung hindi okay lang, ang galing pa rin niya.

The 18-year old Pacquiao was flooded with praises coming from the netizens:

“Michael Pacquiao! Different path from his dad but same destination, Philippines pride at its best!

“After listening to Michael on Wish 107.5, I knew it would blow up! That was definitely mainstream right there! I can’t wait for this guy to do collabs with the biggest names like Eminem, Drake, Jay Z, Pinoy pride!”

Some even commented that Michael’s rap could be a good background music while his father is in the boxing ring. “This would sound so cool for Manny’s background music while boxing!”

There are also those who suggested he can do collabs for international rapper Nicki Minaj.

However, as Michael gained praises when “Hate” circulated on social media,  he did not escape criticisms as others pointed out “privilege” that supposedly put him far ahead of other young artists. And he is aware of the detractors saying he owes his popularity to his family name.

“People would say, it has to do with my last name. But, you know, I understand naman,” Michael was quoted as saying in a report from published recently.

“But at the same time, it’s, like, I work hard to achieve what I am.”

Fittingly, “Hate,” Michael pointed out is his way to “prove myself.”

“That’s how I felt in the song. I wanted to prove that I can. I have talent and I have something. I don’t just rely on my parents.”

Referring to his parents, Michael said: “They’re really proud. They’re happy. They congratulated me. It’s really surprising how in a few days, it already reached millions.”

Asked whether his parents cautioned him about the possibility of being the target of criticisms once he enters showbiz, Michael answered, “They didn’t really discourage me.”

“I think to them it’s, like, ‘If you have a dream, you should follow it. We can’t stop anyone from achieving your goal. You have a lot of obstacles in the way, but you can conquer it. You just be patient lang.’ And they just supported me. They were proud. Happy.”

Understanding the lyrics of “Hate,” it tells of somebody who wants to prove himself on his own, determined to earn the respect of people rather than “hate.”

He said he wants to prove himself. “Yes. In the song, I actually wanted to prove myself. That’s how I felt in the song.”

He added that he wants to pay back to the struggles of his parents, using his own. “’Cause I have a desire also to give back.

“I wanna work hard as well ‘cause my dad worked hard for everything he has done and also for us.

“And I wanna do the same—work hard for everything that I will have, that I want to have, and give back to my mom and dad because they did so much.”

“‘You have a lot of obstacles in the way, but you can conquer it. You just have to be patient.”

Michael is quick to admit that there are pros and cons in having a popular family name.

“Let’s see… I mean, I can think of a lot of cons. But there’s a lot of pros, too.

“But in the cons, I can’t really go out, buy yourself. You have to have security.”

And the pros, he said, “You can inspire, I guess, motivate others, as well. Like what my dad is doing. He gives back, donate… stuff like that. He helps the poor. That’s a motivation and inspiration to a lot of people.

“And he also boxes, so Philippine pride,” he smiled. “You can help others.”

Criticisms are no longer new to Michael, but he has a very strong support system. “I have a lot of people I can talk to, I guess. They’re always there for me, so that’s how I deal with it. And to be honest, I don’t really mind.

“Some of the criticisms are funny too. But some of them were actually, like, would hit me.

“But at the same time, I would have my family around and they are always there for me.”

Michael confessed that he really loves music and he is focused on that now. “And I like to dance. I play the piano, and I beatbox.

“And most of the time, I don’t go out. I just stay at home or in my room,” he shared.

He smiled when he recalled how nervous he was when he sang on Wish 107.5.

The radio station is known for guesting singers on their booth which is a moving bus and gathers million views from live performances of their guests.

“All I wanted was to perform on the Wish Bus,” quipped Michael who admitted that he has no professional training in singing or rap.

“I only did this because I loved it. I would share my music to everyone because I want to share my talent to people, and hopefully, inspire and motivate other people to do what they want to do, and share their talent as well.”

Michael is set to release his second single next month.— EvelynCDiao

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