‘Trolley boys’ earn a living along PNR tracks

‘Trolley boys’ earn a living along PNR tracks

Photos by Benjie Cuaresma

Operation of the Philippine National Railways (PNR) has become a switch on, switch off transport situation, no thanks to the scourge of the virulent coronavirus disease that cripples most of the time the system of transportation servicing the Tutuban, Divisoria to Bicol route.

But as trains of the PNR lay idle owing to lockdowns in Metro Manila, “Trolley Boys” make a killing by offering rides half the fare of PNR’s on their makeshift carriages perfectly fitted with huge bearings suited well to cling on the PNR tracks.

In a way, the “Trolley Boys” living along or near PNR’s train tracks offers not only lower fares but personal service using pure energy to help stranded passengers get from point A to B.

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