King of Talk Boy Abunda finally breaks his silence over ABS CBN shutdown

King of Talk Boy Abunda finally breaks his silence over ABS CBN shutdown

By Evelyn C. Diao

AFTER more than three months of silence since the ABS CBN shut down, TV host Boy Abunda finally opened up and turned to his bashers who accused him of being mum while his Kapamilya artists and other employees were holding noise barrage around the network grounds.

On the first episode of his new Boy Abunda Talk Channel on YouTube, he answered all the accusations being hurled at him one by one:

“I am not silent. I am actually very vocal about my feelings about the death of ABS CBN. People say that the King of Talk is not talking.

“Well, right now, the king has no home, He’s poor. He doesn’t even have a shack, nowhere to live, has become a pauper. I am serious. I don’t have a platform,” he stated.    

Everybody knows that with the network’s shutdown, Boy’s programs bid farewell, too— Bottomline, Tonight With Boy Abunda and Inside Cinema on Cinema One. These programs could have been his platform to air his opinions about the congressional hearing. According to Boy, that was one of the reasons why the King of Talk did not talk.

He went on by saying: “When I am in grief, I am quiet. When I am in pain, I am quiet. I don’t like being fast over. I don’t want people paying attention to me. I just like to be quiet. I like to think. It takes a while for one to be able to embrace that pain completely.”

He even quoted the late president of South Africa Nelson Mandela: “Don’t enter the debate too early. Listen. I would say  right now, we need to pace because this is going to be a long, long winter.”

He stressed that his silence didn’t mean he didn’t get hurt, didn’t get mad and didn’t cry. He went through all those emotions when ABS CBN’s franchise was denied. He said that the denial of the franchise was the height of injustice.

“I don’t think that the network should remain close. It’s very personal to me,” Boy lamented.

And because he is the King of Talk, he recently opened his own YouTube Channel, the The Boy Abunda Talk Channel where we can watch his shows including his Talk About Talk. See, it’s all talk.

“My friends and my team will be uploading different types of talk shows,” Boy said. He admits that he is not into digital world that’s why he is quite nervous and at the same time, excited.

“It’s nerve-wracking because the digital world is not familiar to me. So, I am fidgety, I am nervous, even uncertain. But I embrace this uncertainty with God’s blessing and with your support. Certain that some good things are going to happen.

Apart from Talk About Talk, he will also have One and the Blackout Interview and he will maintain the fast talk portion like the one he had in Tonight With Boy Abunda.

He is confident his supporters would continue to watch his new show on YouTube by subscribing to his channel.

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