Eric Fructuoso reacts on viral photo of him driving a tricycle: ‘Not a trike driver’

Eric Fructuoso reacts on viral photo of him driving a tricycle: ‘Not a trike driver’

By Evelyn C. Diao

JUST recently, actor Eric Fructuoso’s photo which he posted on his Instagram account driving a tricycle went viral with his caption: “Times like these, hindi pwedeng kaartehan ang paiiralin! Basta ligal na pagkakakitaan para sa mga anak, tirahin lang ng tirahin!” (Times like this, one should not allow pretenses to prevail. As long as it is legal and we could earn for our children, go for it!)

Because of this, many were convinced that the actor has turned to driving a tricycle in this time of pandemic. Netizens even praised him because he is not ashamed to drive a tricycle especially in this situation we have now.

On his IG account, one would believe that his post was real as he even gamely answered the questions of his followers like: “How much is the fare to the next corner?”  Eric responded with P5 or five pesos. Another asked how much is his boundary and he replied “32 petot” with smiling emoji.

His post was picked up by several entertainment news sites and published that indeed, Eric is now a tricyle driver in Naic, Cavite.

However, there are some who do not believe that Eric is now driving a trike to make a living.

There are some curious and observant netizens who noticed the expensive rubber shoes Eric was wearing in his photo while driving a trike.  The actor was wearing a black-and white Jordan 11 Concorde sneakers which is worth P11,000 or more.  They commented: “This trike driver is rich.”

Some even posed a joke: “Be careful, you might be held up because of your branded shoes.”

Until he finally cleared his post on IG that he has not turned to tricycle driving to make a living but insists:  “Kasi may iba, nahihiya ang magbenta-benta, nahihiya sa pagde-deliver ng kung ano-ano. Huwag kayong mahihiya. At least, kikita, di ba? Tsaka kailangan hangga’t hindi sila ang nagpapakain sa inyo, huwag niyo silang intindihin.”(Well, there are those who are ashamed to go into selling, delivery. You should not be ashamed. At least, you will earn, isn’t it? And what is important, they are not the ones feeding you, so  don’t mind them.)  

He said he only wants to live by example. In this time of pandemic, we should not be ashamed of any job no matter how small, as long as it is noble.  

On his Facebook account, Eric made it clear that he is not into tricycle driving. With a joke, he said:  “Hindi po totoong namamasada ako ng trike sa Naic, Cavite… Dine ako sa Lipa, Batangas, namamasada mas malaki ang kita! Akalain mong P200 ispesyal hanggang Rowbeensons.” (It is not true that I am driving a trike in Naic, Cavite. I am driving a trike here in Lipa, Batangas because they earn big here. Imagine, special trip is P200 up to Rowbeensons{Robinsons}).

He followed it up with with a statement that we should not belittle tricycle drivers or take them for granted.  He related that when held a garage sale in his house in BF, the buyers of his Ralph Lauren and Ferragamo items were his trike driver buddy and his friends. “Kaya nga ‘barya lang sa umaga’ dahil buo buo pera nila.” (The reason why they want coins in the morning is because their monies are in high peso bills.)  

Everbody would now notice that Eric has been active on his social media accounts, like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Looks like he already joined the league of influencers.

He often posts videos of food taste test from food business owners and other products.

On his next post, Eric expressed: “Hindi na pala  kelangan clumeavage para mag-trending.” (Need not show cleavage to be trending).

Eric has been married for 16 years and has four children with his wife Gian. He has another child from a previous relationship.

Introduced in showbiz as a member of the Guwapings, along with Mark Anthony Fernandez and Jomari Yllana, Eric Fructuoso was last seen on ABS CBN teleserye “Kadenang Ginto” before the lockdown.

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