Remembering Tibiao, Panglao and Loboc

Remembering Tibiao, Panglao and Loboc

THERE is a special place in Antique where nature, relaxation, food, and adventure all come together in a delightful gruel.

Located up in the visually stunning highlands of Tibiao, Calawag Mountain Resort is one place where one can have a truly enchanting and exciting experience.

Here, after a delightful snooze following a long travel to this enchanting destination, people can negotiate the 3-day climb up mysterious Mount Madjaas and have a hot breakfast while atop the mountain.

Then it’s back down and another adventurous activity to Kawa Inn and Tibiao Fish Spa in the next municipality of Tibiao. If you’ve been reading tourism blogs, this place might seem familiar to you, and that’s because this is one of the places where one can relax while bathing in a hot, steaming kawa, or native cauldron, that could fit even two individuals.

They say bathing this way cures many illnesses and even gives a boost to one’s well-being.

Then more than 570 kilometers from Tibiao, one can proceed to Panglao Island in nearby Bohol, another wondrous site to behold for the adventurous.

To see this beauteous place, most tourists brave the turbulent sea waves – though crammed in a small boat — just to reach its welcoming shores.

Finally, a fitting end to the trip would be a hearty evening meal of native Boholano dishes at the well-known floating Loboc Riverwatch Floating Restaurant.

These are such wonderful places that even with the ‘new normal,’ one wishes to visit after the pandemic and health risks have lessened. BENJAMIN CUARESMA

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