Kris Bernal cries foul over anorexic tag

Kris Bernal cries foul over anorexic tag

KAPUSO actress Kris Bernal unabashedly cried in her latest vlog about her fitness journey, as she revealed her insecurity about her body type that has gathered negative comments even branding her an anorexic or a bulimic all these years.

The petite GMA Artist Center talent, now 31, explained that she is an endomorph, an individual with the “body type that is most resistant to gaining weight or gaining muscle because of our fast metabolism.”

“Sobrang bilis ng metabolism ko. Like, no matter how much I eat, hindi talaga ako tabain,” (my metabolism is fast, and no matter how much I eat, I don’t really gain weight), she said.

Kris started getting bashed on social media when she shared her workout sessions and fitness goals.

Minsan lang din, yes, may mga ganun akong insecurities na, ‘Bakit ka ba nag-wo-work out? E ang payat-payat mo na. Hindi ka na mukhang healthy.’ Pero sa totoo lang kasi, ever since I started working out, ever since I got into this fitness lifestyle, as in, ito ‘yung healthiest ko. Ito ‘yung masasabi kong hindi ako nagkakasakit,” (Sometimes, yes, I have those insecurities like, when they ask, ‘why do you have to work out when you are already so skinny. You don’t look healthy.’ But the truth is, ever since I started working out, as in, this is my healthiest. This is the time I can say, I don’t get sick),  she explained.

She believes that working out consistently doesn’t mean  solely about keeping fit physically. More important, she said, is how it helps her mentally.

“The key to my consistency and motivation is simply having a purpose, having that ‘why.’ Why do I do what I do? Bakit ako nag-wo-work out? Bakit ko ‘to gustong gawin? It’s because I want to improve myself. It lifts my spirits. It boosts my self-confidence. My passion and love for fitness is what keeps me going,” she said.

She added that she is sharing her fitness journey through her vlog, because: “I’m doing this because I want you to feel good about yourself. It’s not about the numbers on the scale. You’re more than your weight. You’re more than your body. I hope na hindi niyo kinukuha ‘yung validation niyo from comments or from other people, but you get your worth, your value from God.”

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