On paternity issue, Sarah Balabagan to Arnold Clavio: be man enough!

On paternity issue, Sarah Balabagan to Arnold Clavio: be man enough!

IT HAS been days since broadcaster Arnold Clavio hogged the limelight after Sarah Balabagan, a controversial overseas Filipino worker(OFW), dropped her bomb claiming that Arn Arn as Arnold is fondly called, is the father of her 21-year old daughter.

In her appearance on program “Bitag” hosted by Ben Tulfo, Sarah once again expressed herself with regards to the secret affair she had with the news anchor when she was still 17 years old until she got pregnant.  

But since 22 years has passed before the former OFW appeared in public with all her claims, many are asking on what are her real motives behind.

There are accusations that Sarah may have been used by  Arnold’s adversaries as he has been open in his criticism against President Duterte and his administration.

But Sarah was quick to emphasize that all she really wanted was to end all the doubts regarding the identity of her daughter’s father.

Former Labor Attache Roy Seneres was even linked in this issue but the late ambassador’s wife was quick to defend  her husband who took care of her during her trial. Even businessman William Gatchalian was also involved in the intrigue. Sarah’s confessions have cleared the dirty talks about the labor attaché and the businessman.

 Sarah also recalled that Igan warned her not to divulge her pregnancy as she was only 17  and as an underage   at that time, he would be at risk of getting jailed for exploitation of minor.

Sarah even said that during that time, there were offers for her to double the amount Arnold was giving her provided she would admit her situation to the public. But according to her, she took compassion towards the broadcaster so she just kept silent.

But now, she believes 22 years is already enough and it’s about time the news anchor admits to the public that he, indeed, is that father of her daughter she named Ara.

“I think this is the time for him to be man enough. I have given him 22 long years. I hope and pray that he is ready to face this now, because he should be aware that this time will come. This will happen,” Sarah firmly declares.

Sarah and her family are living quietly in the United States together with her husband and two other children aside from Ara, who she said, knows that Arnold is her real father.

The former OFW also lamented that Arnold has not fully supported her daughter because they have no contact with the news anchor. He never gave his contact number to them.

As of this writing, there is no word yet from Arnold Clavio as he has been mum on the issue.

For whatever it is worth, whether Sarah’s allegations are true or not, Arnold should face this issue once and for all. And as Sarah said, “be man enough!”

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