Health Secretary Francisco Duque (left) and President Duterte (right)

By Butch Valdes (Former Dep-Ed Undersecretary)

Mr. President, you have been duped by Sec Duque re the COVID-19 virus. The CDC-WHO (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-World Health Organization) has finally admitted that the number of deaths in the US is only 9000, and not 160000 as previously reported.  Duque has totally relied on CDC pronouncements as his source of decisions and advise to you and the IATF. 

He refused to consider other alternative sources let alone initiated his own research to check the effectivity and veracity of other proposed methods and cure.

Suffice it to say that his negligence and corrupt nature of awaiting the miracle vaccine from his partners in Sanofi and pharma companies has caused thousands of deaths due to his dreaded application of ventilators and intubation. Many more thousands have died due to starvation and resulting diseases caused by joblessness due to lockdowns and GCQs imposed by you Mr. President upon the ill advice of your Sec. of Health.

Another of your cabinet members may not have been as honest with you if, as we suspect, that you have not been thoroughly apprised with   the conditionalities of loans granted by the WORLD BANK and ADB as emergency accommodations which have more severe implications to life and economy.

Our people are not going to withstand this continuing condition of imposed hardship, hunger and death. We hope to God that the consequential loss of thousands of Filipino lives was not a contrived plan to further depopulate the country as is the intention of evil minds now doing the same in other parts of the world. 

May God enlighten our leaders of the reality which we now face as a nation besieged by those intent on destroying lives rather than saving them.

(Former Dep-Ed Usec. Butch Valdez’s FB post)

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