New PNP chief vows to boost cops’ morale in ‘master plan’

New PNP chief vows to boost cops’ morale in ‘master plan’

BOOSTING COPS’ MORALE. New PNP chief, Gen. Camilo Cascolan, vows to implement measures aimed at taking care of the welfare and boosting the morale of policemen in his assumption speech as the country’s 24th top cop in Camp Crame, Quezon City on Wednesday (Sept. 2, 2020). Cascolan replaced Gen. Archie Gamboa who mandatorily retired from the service. (Photo courtesy of PNP PIO)

MANILA – Newly-appointed Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, Gen. Camilo Pancratius Cascolan, on Wednesday cited the need to boost the morale and take care of the welfare of police officers.

In his assumption speech as the country’s 24th top cop, Cascolan said the PNP’s comprehensive master development plan include giving equal opportunity and leveling the playing field in the placement and promotion of personnel based strictly on performance, service reputation, and merit and fitness in establishing a rationalized “succession planning’ and ‘career path”.

“We will also enhance the provision of healthcare and wellness services with the improvement of health and recreational facilities and partnership through execution of Memorandum of Agreement/Understanding with healthcare and wellness providers such as the Philippine Society of Gastroenterologist, Makati Medical Foundation, Inc. UNILAB Foundation Inc., Chinese General Hospital, National Kidney Transplant Institute among others,” he said.

Cascolan also vowed to ensure the development and the presence of ranking police officials “at all levels and at all times”.

“Close mentoring and coaching will be emphasized, and we will exact discipline in all aspects of policing. Following the principle of Command Responsibility, we will hold unit commanders and leaders accountable in the accomplishment of their tasks and in upholding human rights and enforce rule of law at all times,” he added.

The PNP will also embark on an intensive drive to promote human resource development aimed at ensuring that every police officer “will know his or her job and do them well”, Cascolan said.

“Following the principle of ‘putting the right person on the right job’, we will establish a certification process for individuals and units. Everyone must be proficient with the basics of policing particularly on discipline, courtesy, cleanliness, integrity, transparency, accountability, command responsibility and professionalism,” he said.

Cascolan added that he will promote the ‘Bayanihan spirit’ and the ‘Community Service Oriented Policing (CSOP)’ by forging stronger partnership and more active engagement with the community in ensuring peace and order and addressing criminality giving priority on the campaign against illegal drugs, Illegal gambling, and other focus crimes; anti-violent extremism/terrorism; internal security operations (ISO), and maximizing police visibility.

He also vowed to continue the gains obtained through the leadership of his predecessors.

“But more than these, I will lead the PNP along the vision of a highly capable, effective and credible PNP that provides better and more reliable, more efficient, and more effective police services; and a safer, more peaceful and progressive community,” Cascolan said. “We will seize every single opportunity to deliver better if not the best police services.”

Cascolan, who replaced retired chief Gen. Archie Gamboa, will only lead the 209,000-strong police force for two months, as he will mandatorily retire from the service upon turning 56 on November 10.

Despite having a short term, Cascolan said his plan, highlighting intensified police visibility with the cooperation of the community, will topple crimes in the country.

“Now, I call upon all members of the PNP organization to act together and get things done. The PNP can never be truly effective without the support of the community,” he said.

Cascolan noted that law enforcement in the middle of the pandemic would be challenging, but the police would persevere and continue its service to the people.

“We will prevail against all odds, we will seize every opportunity to serve and protect our countrymen,” Cascolan said.

Interior Secretary Eduardo Año, meanwhile, assured full support to Cascolan’s leadership.

“I call on you (police officers) to rally behind General Cascolan as you march forward as the guardians of society. Be more flexible and adaptable because volatile threats demand dynamic response among law enforcers. Despite having your hands full because of the various roles we play particularly the war on criminality, illegal drugs, terrorism and insurgency but make sure that always human rights are respected,” he said.

Año told Cascolan to respect human rights along with the police operations against crimes, illegal drugs, terrorism, and insurgency.

In his speech, Gamboa expressed happiness and contentment that he would leave having done his best.

Cascolan is also a member of the Philippine Military Academy Sinagtala class of 1986 along with Gamboa and former PNP chiefs Ronald dela Rosa and Oscar Albayalde. (PNA)

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