2 Pinoys among ‘outstanding’ migrant workers in Taiwan

2 Pinoys among ‘outstanding’ migrant workers in Taiwan

OUTSTANDING MIGRANT WORKERS. OFWs Evelyn G. Laguitla (center) and Amelia A. Comilang (right) are among those honored by the Taipei City government in its annual search for Outstanding Migrant Workers in Taiwan. Also in the photo is Labor Attache Cesar L. Chavez, Jr., (left) of POLO Taipei. (Photo courtesy of DOLE)

MANILA – Two overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) were honored in Taiwan “for their dedication and hard work despite the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic”, the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Taipei reported on Friday.

In a statement, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said Evelyn G. Kaguitla, a factory worker, and Amelia A. Comilang, a caregiver, together with other awardees were given recently the citation by Taipei City Mayor Hou You-Yi during the annual search for Outstanding Migrant Workers by the Taipei City’s Labor Affairs Department for exemplary workers.

The OFWs received a trophy and cash prize of NT$2,000 from the Taipei City official.

Hou congratulated the Filipino workers and the other awardees composed of seven Taipei City model workers, 191 outstanding workers, 11 outstanding general affairs personnel of unions, and 63 outstanding unions.

According to the POLO-Taipei, Kaguitla, a factory worker in Taiwan for four years, was chosen for her good working attitude and for “extending help to those who are in need”.

She served as a trainer in the various training programs of her company and initiated quality reforms in her company’s production line.

On the other hand, Comilang, a caregiver, was honored for her patience and caring skills. She takes care of her employer’s grandmother who is suffering from dementia.

“She is kind and hardworking that is why all members of the family, neighbors, and friends like her,” the statement added.

The Outstanding Migrant Worker Award is an annual ceremony of the New Taipei City Labor Affairs Department that honors legal foreign workers who have worked for at least one year in the city.

Taipei City, which has the biggest number of workers in Taiwan, considers these workers as “very important to the society regardless of which industries they came from and are the foundation of development by providing all kinds of essential services.” (PNA)

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