Netizens slam BB Gandanghari, advise Piolo P to maintain silence

Netizens slam BB Gandanghari, advise Piolo P to maintain silence

By Evelyn C. Diao

SOME netizens reacted furiously over Rustom Padilla a.k.a. Bb Gandanghari’s revelation about an incident that happened decades ago involving what he named David and Jonathan in his vlog.

In his vlog dated August 31, Gandanghari revealed a supposedly romantic tryst between him and a popular actor which happened during a movie shoot in the US in 2001.  He narrated the details of their supposed escapade after having gotten drunk during shooting breaks. He may have tagged the name David and Jonathan but he mentioned the name of Piolo Pascual many times.    

What netizens don’t understand is Gandanghari’s motive in retelling an old tale which has been buried and forgotten all these years? Is this another Sarah Balabagan issue who came out and dropped a bomb on Arnold Clavio by claiming the broadcaster is the father of her daughter Ara—after 22 years?

Gandanghari was quoted before that he wanted to produce an indie film about his troubled love story, but was warned that it was too personal and may hurt some people involved. So it was thought to have been forgotten, until his vlog. Now, if his attempt to reveal this is to produce the indie film, how could he do it in this time of pandemic?

So it could be surmised that Gandanghari is having a delusion of grandeur probably carried by this strain of corona virus.

He left the Philippines and settled in the West Coast years ago, became an Uber driver and reports said that he is living there quietly.   

But now, he is making a noise with his throwback issues to the surprise of the showbiz industry. Whatever his plans are, why does he have to drag people who are quietly living their lives?

This movie shoot, which also featured Judy Ann Santos, Alice Dixson, Rosanna Roces, and many others in the US happened 19 years ago when Rustom was 34 and Piolo was 24.  Many things have happened over the years.

Things change. People change.

For the netizens, and surely from the followers of Piolo Pascual, their unsolicited piece of advice to the actor is to maintain his silence over this brouhaha and just let Gandanghari be consumed by his illusions.

If there is one who is more pathetic in this case, it’s Gandanghari who seems not to have achieved his peace of mind that he has to vent it to somebody else.

Poor soul, BB needs a Savior!

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