Gerald ‘Thuy’ Santos challenged by a demanding role in ‘Mamasapano’

Gerald ‘Thuy’ Santos challenged by a demanding role in ‘Mamasapano’

By Evelyn C. Diao

“MAMASAPANO” movie under Atty. Ferdinand Topacio’s Borracho Film Production will restart shooting this month amid pandemic but the producer-lawyer assures actors and crew that they will implement the required protocols during the filming process. The film started rolling just before the lockdown.  

“We have to start and finish this. Mamasapano is close to my heart. The mothers of the SAF 44 victims came to me crying and pleading to help them find justice to their sons who perished in the massacre. The story has to be told,” Atty. Topacio said in an interview.

The cast has been chosen with the lead roles still in negotiation but what could be a standout is the character who will play Christopher Lalan who was the lone survivor in the SAF 44 massacre.  He will be in a major part of the movie as he will detail the story on what really happened in the field during that evening until morning and how SAF 44 fought against the rebels and died.  Lalan’s scenes will be the film’s highlights as it will show how he survived during the siege.

The role is challenging and both physically and emotionally demanding and it went to Gerald Santos as the producer wanted a fresh face.

Gerald is not new in acting as he already had a movie experience. Apart from this, is his stage acting journey in Miss Saigon where he played the role of Thuy, the Vietcong General, for more than two years in Europe. This helped Gerald clinch the role.

“This is physically demanding because I will hold a gun, a grenade launcher at that! We are in a real action.  So to prepare for the role, I have to undergo training with Aljur Abrenica and JC de Vera under a SAF troop. It’s a very good role and I am thankful to Borracho Film Production for having chosen me to play Christopher Lalan. I am excited with the complexity of the character,” Gerald reveals.

With Gerald’s eight shows a day playing Thuy in Miss Saigon for more the two years and no day off, surely, is emotionally draining and he is the perfect guy for the role. Though the movie is more physically intense, Gerald would be like eating peanuts playing Christopher Lalan.

Atty. Topacio also assured that the movie will have no political color. He only wants the real story out. “It has been four years and there has been no justice given to the fallen soldiers up to now,” he said. “So, if you want to invoke an emotional response, make a movie with a social and political message, but no color. We will finish this, I assure you,” he added.

The lawyer-producer also said he is not expecting the movie to earn. “I will be satisfied if it is break-even, so it will be fair to my partners,” he further stated.    

“Mamasapano is directed by Lawrence Fajardo with script by Eric Ramos.  Edu Manzano portrays Magalong, JC de Vera as trainor, Aljur Abrenica as Franco, Gerald  Santos as Lalan, LA Santos as Tayrus, Rez Cortez as Purisima, Juan Rodrigo as Mar Roxas, Allan Paule as Napenas, Jojo Alejar as Rodriguez, Myrtle Sarrosa as Gladys, Ritz Azul as Mary Ann, Claudine Barretto as Erika Pabalinas, Kate Brios as the secretary.

Rez Cortez, the current president of the Actors Guild also assured the implementation of Eddie Garcia law for the protection of the characters and the crew. He also received the PhP100,000 as Atty. Topacio’s donation to the Mowelfund.

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