Sanya Lopez has no regrets sacrificing her love life in exchange for a dream house

Sanya Lopez has no regrets sacrificing her love life in exchange for a dream house

By Evelyn C. Diao

GMA7 actress Sanya Lopez looks very proud as she stands on the terrace of her newly-built dream house when she recently uploaded the photo in her social media account. She said that the house is her gift to her family and to herself after all the years of hard work in showbiz.

When Sanya joined the entertainment industry and signed up with GMA Artist Center, she was never choosy with roles being given to her. All that was in her mind is work. She seldom declined offers and always grabbed every opportunity that came to her without any qualms. She always prepared for every role by attending workshops required by the network and kept every penny she earned and still earning up to this time.

And the best thing she firmly stands up to now is not to entertain suitors. Each time she is asked about her love life, the sexy morena beauty always politely answers, “I have no boyfriend since birth.”

She focused on her career with only one thing in her mind and that is to achieve her long-time dream— a house of her own. Sanya used to live in a small apartment in Valenzuela City in Bulacan.

Now, she has no regrets about sacrificing her love life and working hard for her family have really paid off because her dream has been fulfilled. Just recently, she celebrated her birthday in her dream house.

Sanya is also proud about her travels to Japan where she enjoyed the food and had a chance to bond with her brother actor Jak Roberto and her girlfriend and fellow GMA artist Barbie Forteza. She has also visited Canada even for a few days. She says she is even more  inspired to be better in her career.

Despite the pandemic, Sanya continues to have TV guestings with her home network GMA7, though she finds it hard to adjust in the “new normal.” She revealed  that she has not gone out yet since all the works and endorsements assigned to her are all “work from home.” Her only time to go out was when she taped for “Wish Ko Lang” and for another show.

Sanya is optimistic that we will recover from this COVID 19 pandemic and everything will go back to normal.

What excites her most nowadays is the airport that will soon rise in her province in Bulacan. She says she will no longer suffer from traffic in going to the international airport if she wants to go out of the country.  

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