Jessy Mendiola hints altar date with Luis Manzano, reveals they already have a house by the beach somewhere in Batangas

Jessy Mendiola hints altar date with Luis Manzano, reveals they already have a house by the beach somewhere in Batangas

JESSY Mendiola felt giddy as she was interviewed online recently. Asked if her boyfriend Luis Manzano has already proposed, she only answered, “he gave me a ring,” leaving her interviewer groping for a direct response as to whether they are already engaged. She revealed in the course of the interview that she and Luis have already started building their house near the beach which will be finished in few months time. This opening up left us all the more excited, as if hinting an altar date with the actor-TV host is due any time. Her confessions were made between breaks as she described her health show on TV5, where she encourages her audience to make exercise part of a daily regimen.

Shifting to her newly-launched show, she emphasized, that more than ever, this is the best time to make fitness a way of life. As health officials around the world tell us, being healthy is our best defense to weather the ongoing global health crisis. The launch of “Fit for Life” is very timely with pilot episode on 16 August 2020 as part of the opening salvo of TV5’s beefed up programming since it has entered into a partnership with Cignal TV, the country’s top pay TV provider. Jessy shared how thankful she was that she could host a fitness show, when her own journey to a healthier lifestyle has turned her into a fitness enthusiast. She leads viewers in an hour packed with full-body exercises, easy-to-follow recipes, inspiring talks, and expert tips.

In a segment, “Workout with Jessy,” where she is joined by a special guest each episode in the demo of exercise routines, they encourage the use of improvised gym props by using useful objects viewers can find in their homes.

After every workout session, Jessy sits down with another celebrity guest who shares his or her fitness journey. She had Andi Eigenmann as her first celebrity guest when it the premiered mid August. She also had Chef Michelle Adrillana whipping up super healthy meals that can satisfy the taste buds and the grocery budget, as well. “Fit for Life” gives viewers a chance to air their concerns in the “Ask Jessy” segment, where Jessy gets on a video call to answer questions and give advice with the help of a fitness or health expert. The viewers are also encouraged to share their weight-loss success stories and similar milestones in the segment “Achievement Unlocked.”

Jessy demonstrates routines that need not be strenuous or intimidating, and which can be fun and fulfilling, one can do it all in the comfort of his or her own home. “Fit for Life,” is a weekly habit that airs every Sunday at 7:00 AM on TV5 with replays on Colours every Monday at 7:00 PM. Watch it on Cignal TV at CH 202 HD & 60 SD.

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