Mayor EPS hanging up her gloves?

Mayor EPS hanging up her gloves?

I was waiting for the “off the record” clause most politicians are wont to utter whenever they are around reporters. But that, we never noticed nor heard during our animated and masked post-interview conversation with mayor Edna Sanchez recently inside her office. The interview was a part for our newspaper’s preparation for a write-up on her city’s first cityhood anniversary on Sept. 7. (Happy anniversary STC!)

Yes, that all-too-familiar “off the record” reminder we media practitioners always hear never came even when the mayor was already discussing the meatier side of her political future. The time has come for her to spend more time with grandchildren said she. For her, it’s “enough with politics.” Period. Not in 2022 nor any other election year. Mayor Edna Padilla Sanchez served as Sto. Tomas local chief executive since 2004 to 2007 and 2007 to 2013. She was forced to run as re-placement candidate for governor back in 2010 when her husband suddenly died from heat exhaustion 27th of April at the height of the campaign. Unfortunately, as substitute candidate, Sanchez lost to a more popular opponent in Vilma Santos-Recto in that particular poll exercise. She made another run for mayor back in 2013 (one term) and she succeeded in taking her old post back and again in 2016 for a second term. She absorbed some scare in 2019 opposite her former administrator (Marasigan) and convincingly won (a third term) and again when she campaigned for Sto. Tomas’ cityhood on Sept 7, 2019.

It would seem, the good mayor campaigned twice that year. Now she’s hanging up her gloves. Again, we were expecting a hush-hush sign from her but it never showed nor the “off-the-record” reminder. She went on to the point of mentioning her vice mayor Armenius Silva as heir apparent and a former close “employee,” in a time when STC was still a municipality, who was also allegedly pinning for her endorsement and yes, support. She refused to name the man but methinks that person is no other than Jhun Marasigan. So, let’s expect a battle royale for city mayorship come 2022 here in our beloved STC.

Featured photo: A view of Mt. Makiling from Sto. Tomas City.

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