Tanauan City Mayor Sweet Halili turned down valved masks

Tanauan City Mayor Sweet Halili turned down valved masks

My grandson said then that he was excited about the opening of online schooling. Now he said that he doesn’t want online schooling, because there is no online recess.

The World Health Organizaiton has still no comment on Russia’s distribution of their newly developed COVID-19 vaccine. Huh!

The President is now under perpetual isolation. In a way isolation is almost the
same as reclusion, meaning the president is under reclusion perpetua ! He he he!

The quarrel between the US and China is getting worse and the smell of WWIII is just around? The Philippines is their battleground! Whew!

It is already clear that P-Duterte was not able to resolve graft and corruption since the beginning of his term and even worsened compared to other administrations. Next year he will become a lame duck president and will not be able to fulfill his dreams?

P-Duterte said he will do everything possible so that Pinoys will have as a gift from him on Christmas, a COVID-free nation. Let’s just hope that what he means is not for Pinoys to get COVID in December without pay and for free!

The Philippines hurled a diplomatic protest against China last week for harassing Pinoy fishermen at Scarborough Shoal and Spratlys Island. This is not really a problem for a country afraid of war.

In her recent statement Tanauan City Mayor Sweet Halili relayed that she doesn’t recommend the use of valved masks to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Citing from DOH and IATF proclamation and advisory, she stressed that the exhalation valve on these masks allow for exhaled respiratory droplets to escape the mask and reach others in close distance. She added that this can potentially spread the virus causing COVID-19. Therefore, people are not recommended using masks if they have an exhalation valve or vent and the public is encouraged to wear non-medical, fabric masks. But masks on their own will not protect individuals from COVID and still people should also wash their hands from time to time and maintain the social distancing health protocol.

Who really financed the callers for a revolutionary government, aside from P-Duterte supporters? P-Duterte has turned down the call for a revolutionary government. He he he! Now, is it China or the US?

I asked my neighbor yesterday why his wife was wearing a black face mask and a black dress. He said it was their wedding anniversary ! He he he!

The global death toll from the new coronavirus has surpassed 800,000 with numerous countries ramping up restrictions in an effort to battle an eruption of new cases. Meaning that the Philippines’ 3,000 deaths accounted for 0.3½% deaths worldwide or more than 3 victims for every 1000.

My wife accidentally cut her finger while slicing tomatoes last Wednesday. The simple wound really made her cry and even screamed it was a serious accident and wanted to be brought to the hospital. I asked her in wonder, ”why could it be serious when the wound is very far from your internal organs?” She readily retorted that,” It is the finger I usually use for texting and touching the screen of my cellphone!” He he he!

Online classes are now on the go. Parents are now experiencing no expenses for allowance, no school service and even free uniforms. The only problem is that wifi signal is getting weaker everyday.

Although the approved Bayanihan 2 is not yet fully implemented, the talks on the pushing of Bayanihan 3 by lawmakers are already going on.This might be a new version of corruption, Whew!

The government spent billions on the construction of bike lanes. But cyclists still meet accidents due to accidental bumping of buses .Haizsst!!

Philhealth has still an outstanding balance of about P3B from private hospitals. The alleged stolen amount by corrupt officials is still much bigger than the Philhealth debts.

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