Janella Salvador faces pregnant rumors as she reveals relationship with Markus Paterson

Janella Salvador faces pregnant rumors as she reveals relationship with Markus Paterson

By Evelyn C. Diao

NETIZENS are wondering why the sudden revelation of Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador and Filipino-British actor and model Markus Paterson to the public about their relationship through a kiss recently.

Paterson posted a video of him and Salvador intimately dancing on Instagram, with the caption “my world.”

While locked in embrace with Salvador, Paterson kissed her. The video ended with their foreheads resting on each other.

Hours later, the 22-year-old actress shared a photo of her and Paterson on Instagram, which Janella captioned, “The best hugs in the world from the best potato in the world.” The post was eventually flooded by comments of industry friends with congratulatory remarks.

Following Janella and Markus’ revelation about the real score between them, some speculations are buzzing around that the 22-year-old actress is pregnant. This has been trending online now after Janella was heard saying that she’s not allowed to jump.

To recall, when the 22-year-old actor did live streaming on his Instagram account, Janella was heard saying in the background after she saw a bug: “Oh my God! I almost jumped and that’s not good. I’m not allowed to jump.” This led to a netizen’s question, relating what would be the reason why she’s not allowed to do it.

It was not the first time that particular netizen has raised the issue. Prior to this, she directly questioned Janella’s mom Jenine Desiderio if the young artist is indeed pregnant and will be giving birth in the United Kingdom.

As of writing, neither Janella nor Markus has confirmed  about it.

In October last year, Paterson refused to reveal his relationship with Salvador on “Tonight With Boy Abunda”, saying it was not yet the right time.

“We don’t hide from anyone but right now is not just the right time for everything, ” he said.

“There’s always a right time for everything and I strongly believe in that.”

Perhaps, this is now the right time to reveal their relationship because pretty soon, Janella’s rumoured pregnancy will speak for itself.  

Greetings from fellow celebrities and friends have reached 4,238 and counting saying they are happy for  Markus and Janella, meaning they favour their relationship. One of those who greeted Janella was her aunt Maja Salvador who, she shared stellar billings with in “The Killer Bride” TV series on ABS CBN.

“So happy for you, my Emma! (with a heart emoji). Camilla will always be by your side. Always! I love you!”

Maja has always wanted Joshua Garcia, Janella’s love interest in the TV series to woo her niece, but at that time, Janella and Marcus have been secretly playing sweet music together.

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