Now married, former child star Makisig Morales is into food delivery in Australia

Now married, former child star Makisig Morales is into food delivery in Australia

FORMER Kapamilya child actor Makisig Morales is now living peacefully in Australia with his wife, Nicole Joson, a Fil-Aussie beauty queen who, he met through a friend when he went there in 2018 and married her last year.  The special event took place at a beach in La Perouse, Sydney.

They decided to stay in the land Down Under and started to build their dreams. They try to establish an online food delivery business which they started before pandemic in Sydney where they are based.

Their NikMak Sweet Pack online food business sells and delivers Pinoy food for the Filipino community in their place. In an exclusive interview with an online site, Makisig tells he and his wife are hands on in their business. They are the ones who cook and deliver the orders.

At first, they were selling pastillas and puto bumbong until they went full blast with a real menu.

Now, Makisig is proud of his bestsellers like crispy ulo, crispy pata and baked California roll.

“I do most of the cooking for most of the food. I boil the pork for three hours in preparation for frying. After that, all the rest of the cooking is with Nicole while I start the deliveries from 8a.m. to 9 a.m.

“We used to do this from Tuesdays to Sundays but due to the bulk of orders, we cannot cope anymore. So, we decided to do make it on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only so we can enjoy some rest,” Makisig explains.

 “Nicole is the heart of NikMak. She handles the food orders, talks to the customers, arranges every order from the time they are made until delivery. She also does the budgeting as well and computes the sales, how much money is spent and how much is the revenue. She also does the marketing, so there is no NikMak without Nicole,” Makisig proudly speaks of his wife.     

The young actor gladly shares that after a year of living as a couple, they have adjusted to the kind of life they have chosen.

They just celebrated their first anniversary recently and Makisig penned a touching post to his wife on his Instagram.

In his post, Makisig shared that despite the challenges they have faced, what matters is that they are facing it together, “Happy first anniversary, my love.

“Maraming challenges na nangyari sa 2019 at ganun din ngayong 2020 pero ang importante ay, we will face it together! Stay fun-loving-energetic-weirdong tao na minahal ko. I love you so much.”

Nicole also posted a cute photo together with a sweet message for Makisig on her social media account.

According to Nicole, “Happy 1st anniversary to My Better-in-Every-Way Half. It’s been a tough year, but our love is tougher. For better and for worse, I love you.”

Makisig has been living in Australia for the past six years with his family after leaving showbiz where he was a Star Magic talent. He was best known for playing the main character in the Kapamilya superhero series “Super Inggo.”

He came back to the Philippines in 2018 to share the spotlight with Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano in ABS CBN’s TV fantaserye “Bagani.” He went back to Oz to pursue his studies in Culinary Arts that he is now practicing in his online food business.

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