Mayor Sara to bare list of Covid-19 ‘very high risk’ places

Mayor Sara to bare list of Covid-19 ‘very high risk’ places

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte

By Junex Doronio

STRESSING THAT THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY will always be respected, presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio has revealed her plan to publish a specified list of Covid-19 “very high-risk” places to effectively control the spread of the dreaded virus.

Duterte-Carpio assured in a recent radio interview that data privacy rights of the patients will not be violated as they will not include the specific name of the barangay or the purok.

“Over the weekend, duna mi discussion and nakita nga idea nga i-publish ang mga area kung asa ang naay mga naga-positive. Area — meaning [specific] place, not the barangay, not the purok, dili ang kanang general location (We discussed over the weekend the idea of publishing the areas where there were recorded positive individuals. When we speak of an area, it means the specific place — not the barangay or purok, not the general location),” Duterte-Carpio announced recently on 87.5 FM Davao City Disaster Radio.

She explained that with this measure, the public people would be warned of going to the mentioned places.

The mayor added that some of the Covid-19 patients in Davao City work at grocery stores, one of the areas that are often visited by the public.

“We expect that once the people are aware, they will be extra cautious when they go there. Usually, it’s workmates or housemates that could spread the disease more than what passengers of the jeepney ever could,” Duterte-Carpio said.

She also chided the opposition for criticizing her plan.

“Since we are in a public health emergency, and we have a state of public calamity, the safety and health of the majority will prevail against those oppositionists with no valid or reasonable basis,” Duterte-Carpio stressed.

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