PNP expands socmed engagement to boost public awareness

PNP expands socmed engagement to boost public awareness

PNP Chief, Gen. Camilo Cascolan. (File photo)

MANILA – Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief, Gen. Camilo Cascolan, on Friday ordered the expansion of the police force’s informative social media engagement efforts to heighten public awareness on relevant social issues on public order and safety.

In a statement, PNP Director for Police Community Relations, Maj. Gen. Dionardo Carlos, said they would closely monitor actions taken by PNP units on netizens’ reports sent through social media platforms.

Carlos said the PNP policy on social media use seeks to address gaps and challenges encountered in previous memoranda circular on PNP presence in social networking sites.

He cited recent analytics on PNP social media engagements that showed barely 25 percent of 1,776 official PNP social media pages are active.

“One issue that needs to be addressed is the seemingly reactive and passive stance of some PNP socmed pages that do not actively engage reports by netizens,” Carlos said.

He explained that “policies and guidelines on social media engagement by PNP units and personnel emphasize awareness of data privacy and anti-cybercrime laws, and accountability of PNP personnel and units in posting and sharing social media content.”

Carlos reiterated that the PNP recognizes the use of social media as an effective tool, especially in this time of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, to promote pro-active information and awareness activities while building harmonious relationships with the community.

He seconded earlier pronouncements by Cascolan that the police organization respects the “administrative actions taken by Facebook on what they perceive to be violations of its terms of use.”

Carlos noted that the official social networking sites maintained by the PNP and its lower units are “aligned with the objectives of the organization in promoting advocacy for honest, transparent, and truthful social engagement over cyberspace.”

“These sites remain compliant with socmed community standards and continue to serve its purpose along (with) the objectives,” he said.

Carlos also echoed earlier statements by Cascolan that official social networking pages of PNP units in different social media platforms strictly adhere to institutional policy on observance of cyber etiquette.

“We will continue to adhere to our institutional policy that follows proper decorum in all public engagements including social media platforms, chat groups, and private sites,” he said. (PNA)

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