Rhian Ramos admits to “having been devastated” after breakup with Israeli BF

Rhian Ramos admits to “having been devastated” after breakup with Israeli BF

RHIAN Ramos announced recently that she and her Israeli boyfriend Amid Borsok have parted ways. She admitted that it was not easy for her as she was devastated after having been together for one and a half years.

As a matter of fact, the breakup is one of the reasons why the 29-year old actress lost a lot of weight as she admitted in her vlog dated September 24, Thursday.

All the comments on her Instagram were focused on her sudden weight loss the past weeks.

In an recent TV interview, Rhian denied the netizens’ suspicion that she is suffering from eating disorder. But according to her, the real cause of her weight loss is due to “stress.”

 “Many, many things have changed since the last time you saw me, which was probably the apartment tour,” Rhian said.

She was talking about the vlog she uploaded wherein she showed the netizens her condo unit in Taguig City.

“I gave a little look at the condo while we were moving out. And somehow, inside of that moving-out period… I went through a breakup,” revealed Rhian with an impish smile.

Rhian shared that she and her Israeli bf started going steady on January 30, 2019. Amit is a businessman from Los Angeles, California, but was temporarily residing in the Philippines. They met in an event before Rhian flew to New York City to study there.

Amit was lockdown in Rhian’s condo unit during the pandemic.  They even celebrated her bf’s birthday last May 20, where Rhian expressed disappointment because she wasn’t able to tour her boyfriend around.

Rhian did not mention the reason for their separation. But she admitted that she was really affected by their breakup. This was cemented by other stressful things that happened in her life at that time.

 “It was so hard, I really had a hard time, guys,” Rhian confessed.  “And not just ’cause I was, like, broken-hearted and, like, shattered, but other things in my life were giving me a lot of stress.”

While moving on, Rhian revealed that there were other stressful things that added to the breakup. One of those was, she couldn’t be with her mother Clara Ramos in one house when she goes back to work.

“My body basically started eating itself”

She was consumed with all the trials she was facing that she has practically forgotten herself. Rhian related that she was lying on her bed the whole day and she couldn’t sleep very well. She could not even eat until without knowing it, she has already lost 15 pounds.

“Now, looking back, I really could have taken care of myself. I was in so much pain and under so much stress and I wasn’t getting out of my bed. I wasn’t sleeping right.

“I couldn’t eat. Nothing tasted like anything. I was under so much stress that my body basically started eating itself.

“And now, everyone thinks that I did this to myself on purpose,” said Rhian referring to her weight loss.

“But I really didn’t. I was just having a really hard time,” the actress admitted.

Now, she assures her fans that she is getting better although she has not fully moved on from what happened to her. She has already accepted the fact that she needs to go through this process.

“I am gonna be okay”… “in my own time.

“It’s just important that I process these things for myself now, so that I won’t take them with me in the future.”

She promised her fans that she will take care of herself whatever happens. “I promise I’m gonna do my absolute best to make sure I am taking care of myself in every way,” she said.

Trying her best to get better

Trying her best to get better, Rhian detailed all the steps she is doing on her way to emotional healing.

“I’m doing Bible studies twice a week. I’ve been eating three meals a day. And I’ve been sleeping consistently every night for at least five hours, six hours,” Rhian proudly stated.

In the end, Rhian reminded her fans to be good to others, because each of us has his/her own struggles.

“Remember to be nice, ’cause you’ll never really know what someone’s going through. Just think that everyone around you, just like yourself, is trying their best,” she added.

Rhian was flooded with messages of support and love from the netizens.

Twitter users went trending on Thursday for Rhian: #WeLoveYouRhian at “SALAMAT RHIAN.”

They admired the courage Rhian showed as she admitted her current struggles and they hope that the Kapuso actress will be emotionally healed in soonest time possible.

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