Localization of cops’ assignment pushed

Localization of cops’ assignment pushed

MANILA – To prioritize the welfare of every policeman, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, Gen. Camilo Cascolan, on Monday said he will implement the localization of the assignment of the police personnel.

Meanwhile, the prevailing coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic has not slowed down the PNP as it conducted 3,413 anti-illegal drug operations in the last 26 days.

In a press briefing in Camp Crame on Monday, Cascolan, said a total of 4,354 drug offenders were also arrested from Sept. 2 to 27.

He said the operations have resulted in the confiscation of 2.2 kilograms of shabu and 13.7 kg of marijuana “with a combined value of PHP151.5 million in the street market”.

Section 63 of Republic Act 8551 provides that PNP members “with the ranks of Patrolman/woman up to Police Executive Master Sergeant shall be assigned to the city and municipality of their recruitment and/or place of residence or if not possible, to the closest municipality, province or regions to his residence,” Cascolan said.

“Prioritizing the welfare of every personnel of the PNP, one of my main thrusts is the localization of assignment,” he said.

He said the program will attain maximum efficiency and more effective law enforcement by prioritizing the welfare of every PNP personnel and reinforcing family solidarity.

Under the program, he said all police officers who will be transferred to other areas will be swapped with other police officers to fill their membership in the unit.

“Actually wala naman mawawala kasi papalitan din sila. Ibig sabihin (no one will be lost because they will be replaced. Meaning) one is to one. They will be prioritized accordingly. Localization means going near or in your areas of residence and this will boost their morale because this is one way of telling our people that we expect the best performance from you. This is also one way of telling them that we will take care of you most especially with your transfer,” he said.

Cascolan also said some mayors, especially those in Metro Manila, have not understood the localization program but Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, PNP deputy chief for administration, has already explained the matter to the mayors to avoid confusion.

“Hindi lang naintindihan ng mayors (The mayors cannot just understand it) but I thanked them very much for letting Gen. Eleazar explain to them because I explained it to Guillor (Eleazar) yesterday. When you are being transferred, you want to be transferred, you prioritize, you will signify your intention. You are prioritized, if may kapalitan ka na doon ka lang ililipat (you will be transferred only if there is someone who can replace you),” said Cascolan. (PNA)

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