No passing on rape comment

No passing on rape comment

‘Someone once told me that if you respect a person, listen to their opinion. And if you do not respect someone, then do not listen to their opinion. And that works both ways.’

                                                — Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams

UNDER our laws, people are protected against being maligned by others, likewise from threats.

Actress Liza Soberano recently stated that she won’t ignore a rape comment supposedly made about her by a Converge employee.

The issue sparked in early September, when Soberano complained about the telecommunications company’s internet service and calling them unprofessional for not answering any of her calls. In another tweet, she revealed that she had decided to change to another provider instead.

She later revealed that some people have criticized her for ranting about internet connection, and Soberano defended her stance on the subject—saying that internet has become essential during these trying times amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Following her posts, Soberano was informed by several netizens that an alleged Converge employee has made a rape comment against her in response to her statement and subsequent decision to change provider, saying that someone should rape the actress instead for making such a big deal about internet connection.

On the other hand, Converge has recently released a statement about the issue, writing, “We are deeply concerned about the wrongful comments and behavior of some employees over social media. We do not tolerate such actions toward any customer and emphasize that their personal opinions do not reflect the company’s perspective, values, and culture. We are currently dealing with this matter and we will carry out disciplinary measures accordingly.”

Going back to the fact that we are protected by laws against people who throw threats at us, I believe our law enforcement agencies should step into this issue and reprimand any person who blurts out a remark that shows disrespect, and in this case, against a woman whom, instead of threatening with rape, we should protect from the evils of the world.

Nawala na ba ang chivalry nating mga Pinoy kaya itong empleyado ng Converge ay magsasabi ng ganito sa isang babae?

I always thought that we Filipinos bear the chivalrous traits of being respectful and honorable. Is there honor in telling a woman like Miss Soberano that she should be raped by someone because she made fuss about our sorry internet connection?

Our police should certainly act on this matter before it gets out of hand. Remember, a threat is a threat and I’m sure the actress felt threatened when this ‘stupid example of a man’ remarked that she should be abused by someone.

I have known a lot of police officers who I consider ‘officers and gentlemen’, officers like Lieutenant General Guillermo Eleazar, Brigadier General Rolando Miranda and Major Rolando Lorenzo. They are true officers and gentlemen who are proud “to serve and protect.” They are not like others who fail to “walk the talk” like one general who commands the National Capital Regional Police Office, a former chief of the Philippine National Police and so many others.

It’s Miss Soberano’s right not to pass the ‘rape comment’ and she should seek help from the police, whose mandate is “to serve and protect.”

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