Over 8K cops seek reassignment under localization move: PNP

Over 8K cops seek reassignment under localization move: PNP

MANILA – More than 8,000 police officers have expressed intention to be reassigned in places near their residence as part of the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) localization program.

Based on data from the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management (DPRM) released late Monday, a total of 8,561 personnel have signified intention to be reassigned in their places of residence but only 7,410 Police Non-Commissioned Officers have qualified for the program.

Among reassignment requests, 4,742 personnel have signified to transfer to National Capital Region, 841 police officers to Calabarzon, 475 personnel to Central Luzon, 475 cops wanted to go back to the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, while other regions got less than 200 localization requests.

PNP chief, Gen. Camilo Cascolan, however, clarified that under the program, there should be a corresponding replacement for each police officer that would be reassigned.

“When you say localization, this is the transfer with proper swapping of personnel. Ibig sabihin, 1:1. Localization means going to near or at the area of your residence,” Cascolan said.

At present, the DPRM is processing the requests for localization programs to fast track their records for the swapping of personnel.

The DPRM also reminded requesting personnel that “only applicants who submitted an affidavit of undertaking availing the localization of assignment will be considered for processing”.

Applicants must also be cleared of money and property accountabilities from his/her present office or unit.

Once a reassignment order is released, the DPRM would no longer entertain requests for its cancellation.

The Localization of Assignment program, initiated by the DPRM, is stated under Section 63 of Republic Act 8551 or the Philippine National Police Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998.

The law indicates the provision for PNP members with the ranks of Patrolman/woman up to Police Executive Master Sergeant will be “assigned to the city and municipality of their recruitment and/or place of residence or if not possible, to the closest municipality, province or regions to his residence”.

“Assignment to one’s hometown, province, or region gives a police officer the sense of ownership of the locality that he represents. The said program will attain maximum efficiency and more effective law enforcement by prioritizing the welfare of every PNP personnel and reinforcing family solidarity,” Cascolan explained.

He added that the program is the PNP leadership’s way to boost their morale and to tell police officers to do their best in performing their duty as law enforcers in their respective communities.

“This is one way to tell our personnel that we expect the best performance from them and to tell them that we are taking care of them,” he said.

Cascolan allayed apprehensions and misconceptions by some local executives who were apparently misinformed of the wisdom and intent of this deployment program.

“I am just happy to know that some mayors really understood our localization program. This will be a transfer of personnel to other regions but with the swapping of other personnel,” he said. (PNA)

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