Survey says: Pacquiao may succeed Duterte

Survey says: Pacquiao may succeed Duterte

By Tracy Cabrera

IT appears that if elections were done today, it would be Pinoy boxing icon and incumbent senator Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Pacquiao who could be the best possible successor for President Rodrigo Duterte after scoring the second best in a survey of the most admired man in the country the current year.

President Duterte, whose controversial term in office has been marked by his administration’s controversial war on drugs, was deemed the most admired man in the Philippines this year, according to YouGov’s World’s Most Admired List.

The survey also showed that Angel Locsin, an actress known for her philanthropic work, is the most admired woman in the country with an ‘admiration score’ of 15.03 percent.

The chief executive received a score of 19.67 percent, followed by the People’s Champ with 10.65 percent. The former Davao City mayor and former Sarangani congressman were followed by Manila local chief executive Francisco ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso who garnered 7.96 percent, Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan (7.43 percent), Pope Francis (6.89 percent) and American philanthropist-billionaire Bill Gates (6.39 percent).

In the distaff side, former Miss Universe titlist Catriona Gray, who became controversial a few months ago over a fake nude photo, was in second place with a rating of 11.09 percent. She was followed by popular singer Sarah Geronimo (7.48 percent), who hogged headlines for getting married in secret earlier this year. Other female personalities who listed as the most admired were American celebrity Taylor Swift (7.36 percent), veteran actress Angelina Jolie (6.93 percent) and actress-model Liza Soberano, who sued a netizen last week for making a rape joke at her expense.

Meanwhile, former United States President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama were declared the most admired man and woman globally. Among Filipinos, Michelle ranked 11th with 3.43 percent while her husband landed on the eighth spot with 4.70 percent.

Aside from his violent drug campaign, Duterte is known for making misogynistic remarks in public. However, he had defended his uncouth behavior by saying that it was his constitutionally guaranteed right to say what he wanted.

Meanwhile, Locsin became a target of Duterte’s online supporters when she stood up for her employer ABS-CBN, which lost its broadcasting franchise a few months ago. Duterte’s fans have said that the media company violated the law, but observers have remarked that the shut down wasn’t surprising given that the president had declared numerous times that he would block all efforts to have its license renewed.

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