PH breaks into Top 20 countries with most COVID-19 infections

PH breaks into Top 20 countries with most COVID-19 infections


MANILA – The Philippines has just entered into the Top 20 countries of the world with caseloads of over 314,000 despite implementing community quarantines and strict lockdowns for months.

What qualified PH into the Top 20 list was the Department of Health’s report of 2,415 new cases Thursday that brought the total number of infections in the country to 314,079.

That number allowed the Philippines to overtake Pakistan’s caseload of 312,806, according to Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center and the Worldometers site.

The Philippines is right behind Italy which is at the 19th nursing 317,861 cases.

But in the real sense of the word, active cases of Covid in PH is only 54,294 or 17% of the total caseload.

Among ASEAN member countries, PH is also the highest pointer in COVID-19 cases closely followed by Indonesia at 291,182 confirmed infections.

Worlwide, the United States remains the country with the most coronavirus infections globally.

It has 7.27 million confirmed cases. It is followed by India with 6.31 million cases, Brazil with 4.81 million cases and Russia with 1.17 million cases.

Health officials already reported that PH has already flattened the curve although the country is still reporting thousands of new cases every day.

The DOH also said it has already monitored a downtrend in the number of additional infections but cases do not show any sign of slowing down as their numbers are still in thousands.

As it is, the health agency advised the public to continue practicing minimum health standards.

Of Thursday’s additional cases, 83% contracted COVID-19 in the last two weeks with outbreak epicenter Metro Manila continues to be the top source.

Fatalities is now pegged at 5,562 after 59 more people succumbed to the disease.

Recoveries continue to increase with the addition of 771 new survivors, raising the total further to 254,223.

Researchers studying the coronavirus outbreak in the country projected that total cases in the Philippines would reach 380,000 to 410,000 by end-October.

Globally, the new coronavirus has infected more than 34.1 million individuals, with over 1.017 million deaths. (IAm)

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