Raymart Santiago admits relationship with Jodi Sta. Maria  but wants to keep it private

Raymart Santiago admits relationship with Jodi Sta. Maria but wants to keep it private

RAYMART Santiago is known in the industry as a very private person. He is not easy to grant interviews especially if it concerns his private life.

When the picture of him and Jodi Sta. Maria leaked on social media, Raymart was hunted for interview to confirm the news about their relationship. And although he is not inclined to the noise that is happening in showbiz, he was quick to answer the inquiry about he and Jodi’s real status.

 “Hindi naman kami KathNiel o LizQuen. Kung ano man ‘yung inilabas niyo, ‘yun na ‘yon, Masaya lang lahat,” was his simple response.

In this short statement, it was obvious that he gives so much importance on whatever relationship he has with Jodi, very Raymart, who we seldom hear any drama o any statement concerning his private life. And this indicates that what he somewhat confirmed must be respected.

Amid all the trials he encountered in his relationship in the past, even those that ended up in legal battle, he was able to maintain his silence.

Surely, the person who leaked Raymart and Jodi’s photo of their sweet moment together is now guilty of breaking the confidentiality on the place where the new couple had their special date.

For Jodi, she will face a new challenge with her new partner in life, but looks like she will hit it with Raymart

Jodi is also a person who takes her relationship seriously.

What could be a problem in their relationship now is her annulment case with her former husband, Pampi Lacson which is still pending in court. Although Pampi is already happy with his partner Iwa Moto by whom he already has two kids, every is hoping that the court will grant their annulment so both of them can live happily.

And so is Raymart’s annulment case with Claudine.

Raymart is correct in saying that they are no longer on the cutie-cutie stage, they have passed the loveteam stage, so it is just but fitting that we pray and wish happiness for both of them, and expect them not to talk much about their blooming relationship.

It could be giddy and exciting to ask them how their romance blossomed and flourish, but it would be good just to let them be.

At least, they did not deny the news, but rather they admitted it easily without funfare. And that is good enough!

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