No pressure but Andi Eigenmann will say yes immediately if Philmar Alipayo proposes marriage

No pressure but Andi Eigenmann will say yes immediately if Philmar Alipayo proposes marriage

ANDI Eigenmann is now five months pregnant with her third child, her second with her partner Philmar Alipayo, one of the best surfers in the country and was hailed as the Pinoy’s first surfing champ.  They have been gracefully living in Siargao island, the 29-year old actress-vlogger has dreamed of—a quiet, simple island life.

Since her two children—Ellie, her daughter with Jake Ejercito and Lilo with Philmar— were born by caesarean section and this will be her last pregnancy, Andi and Philmar hope they will have a baby boy.  

Andi and baby Lilo have been in Manila since the pandemic when they visited Ellie and has not yet gone back to Siargao. Ellie has been shuttling from Siargao to Manila. Currently, the seven-year-old has settled in Siargao nicely, making friends and “having plans of her own,” according to Andi. She admits it scares her a bit, but knows that this is part of growing up. Andi is happy that Ellie has overcome her shyness as photos show how she frolicks and plays with other kids. She is proud that her girl has slowly adapted to the life in the island.

Her followers are wishing and asking Andi if she and Philmar have discussed about their plans for a wedding especially now that there will be an addition to their growing family. Is she not dreaming of a wedding by the beach?

Andi simply said that she is not pressuring Philmar about the wedding, and she is just happy with the kind of life they have at the moment. But just in case he proposes anytime, she will immediately say,  yes!  

In her vlogs on her YouTube channel, Andi is undeniably happy with the kind of life she has now.  On the second day of her vlog, it racked up almost a million views and more than 4,000 comments. Many netizens agree that Andi is doing her kids good by letting them live a simple life.

The actress recently took the internet by storm after her photo holding a ‘balde’ or a big pale went viral on social media. In photo, it showed that she has no qualms holding the water tub while riding a motorcycle with Philmar.

The part-time actress, surfer mom, and full-time holistic living island mama also posted a progress update on their spacious two-story home. Andi first shared a peek of its beginnings in February 2019, calling it their “dream house,” and its construction has come a long way since.

Andi shared that she had kids in mind when she and Philmar were planning their island home. “I wanted a play area and Ellie to have the type of room she wants so that she’d love being there more,” the actress said.

“Honestly, I made this decision knowing that I don’t know what the future will bring but I know that it’s always going to be better to just believe in myself, to just listen to what I want. Changes sometimes, it could be good. And my life isn’t going to be the same. I’m not gonna live as glamorous of a lifestyle but I never … I was never like that in the first place. Now my life is so much simpler. And I couldn’t be happier,” Andi stated. (Evelyn C. Diao)

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