35K Pinoys can still enroll via Coursera for free until Oct. 30

35K Pinoys can still enroll via Coursera for free until Oct. 30

(Screenshot from Coursera’s website)

MANILA – At least 35,000 Filipinos from anywhere in the country can still enroll in courses via the online course provider Coursera for free until Oct. 30.

In an interview with the Philippine News Agency on Monday, Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Secretary Fortunato de la Peña said Coursera has a government workforce recovery program, and the DOST-Caraga requested to be a partner.

In the Philippines, the DOST is the only partner of Coursera for this program, he said, adding that the public must grab the opportunity to enroll in various courses.

“This is a wonderful opportunity given to us. One does not have to pay for the usual charge since these are scholarships. The DOST was authorized to manage 50,000 slots, (so this is a) wonderful opportunity. We invite everyone in government to take this opportunity,” de la Peña said.

He said a total of 50,000 Filipinos can enroll in as many courses as they like via Coursera. As of Sept. 28, only 14,845 individuals have availed of the slots allotted for Filipinos.

DOST-Caraga’s partnership with Coursera started in May with 5,000 slots. Additional 15,000 slots were given in August, and another 30,000 slots in September, he added.

Individuals who get to avail of the scholarship can save at least PHP25,000 to PHP30,000 since this is the price range of online courses via Coursera, according to de la Peña.

He said there are about 3,800 certificate courses from Coursera’s university and industry partners such as the Duke University, Johns Hopkins, among others.

The DOST said an enrollee can learn various fields such as social sciences, information technology data science, engineering, personal development, among many others, by enrolling via Coursera. They can study at their own pace and time, it added.

De la Peña said those interested to avail of the scholarship may visit the DOST-Caraga’s website for details. They will be asked to provide their email address, reasons for joining, their organization, and other pertinent information. (PNA)

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