After seven years, Rosanna Roces and son Onyok let bygones be bygones

After seven years, Rosanna Roces and son Onyok let bygones be bygones

AFTER seven years rift, Rosanna Roces and son Onyok have finally reconciled and decided to let bygones be bygones.

Recently, the 48-year old actress posted in her Facebook account which bears her real name, Jennifer Cruz Adriano, a picture of her and her son Onyok with a meaningful caption: “Tapos ang kuwento!!”

Rosanna’s friends sent good and positive messages regarding the mother and son’s reconciliation. A netizen even commented that they were expecting they will be in good terms again with a quote “in God’s time,” which the actress agreed with a thumb-up sign.

Onyok also confirmed the news to an entertainment website with regards to him and his mother’s photo posted on Facebook.

He said that it was their first meeting after the seven years rift.

“We decided to meet up yesterday, sa bahay ng sister ko,” mensahe ni Onyok sa on Monday.

The sister Onyok referring to is Grace Adriano, Rosanna’s eldest daughter. Grace was the former girlfriend of Jolo Revilla by whom she has a son, Gabriel, now 15 years old. Onyok and Grace are Rosanna’s children with her former partner.

Regarding the story on how they met and talked, Onyok said that it just happened, maybe we have forgiven each other and had forgotten all that happened in the past.

“It was casual, may kumustahan and update sa isa’t isa sa mga nangyari sa buhay.”

Onyok said that he felt a big thorn was pulled out of his chest with their reconciliation. “Somehow, mas magaan ang feeling ko ngayon dahil wala na ‘ko sama ng loob na dinadala araw-araw.”

With all the things that happened in his life for the past seven years, he can say this is the “happiest” event in his life, to be reconciled to his mother. “Na-realize ko na hindi mo talaga pwede talikuran ang pamilya,” he said.

“A lot of things have happened to me the past seven years, and in the midst of this pandemic, this is one of the happiest plot twist in my life, and of course, it is because my family is whole again.”

In his Facebook page last August when he celebrated his 30th birthday, it was clear that what Onyok has gone through during this pandemic was indeed, really serious.

“It has been a very challenging 3 months for me, from having no place to stay in and being jobless. Trust me, it wasn’t easy to deal with.

“A bit of depression might have gotten inside my head but one thing is for sure, my heart and perseverance will never give up.

“So here I am now, I got my new place, new job, new people around me that pushes me everyday to be better in every aspect of life.

“Still rocking at 30 years old! I wouldn’t have made it without you, guys. (With heart emoji).

“This is me rising up above the noise.”

He also thanked those people around him who helped him during his low moments.

Onyok is now working as a workforce management analyst in a software company.

It was in March 2013 when Rosanna posted on Facebook that she and son Onyok had a quarrel which even resulted in physical squabble.  It stemmed from an argument regarding Onyok’s girlfriend that Rosanna did not approve of.

According to Rosanna, Onyok answered back angrily which led her to hurt Onyok and vice versa. She also detailed that she attempted to stab her son but he was able to evade it.

Onyok tried to ask forgiveness from her, but Rosanna said it was not enough for the offense he did, so she drove him out of the house.

After a year, Onyok was interviewed in an entertainment talk show Startalk in 2014 where he narrated his version of his quarrel with his mother. He was then working as a call center agent in Eastwood.

He mentioned that he was able to enter college but failed to finish his course because he impregnated his girlfriend at that time. He stated that he started working as early as 17 or 18 years old.

In that interview, he also admitted that his relationship with his mother was not really good.

“Ang hirap magpatawad sa ginawa niya sa akin, e,” was his answer if he and his mother could patch up their differences.

He confessed that his job was compromised because of his mother.  “She sent a message to our company through Facebook telling them I was a bad person, a psychopath. It reached my boss in another country and it became a big issue in our office.”

Onyok said he was badly hurt when his mother told him that he was good for nothing, although he was always beside her in all her failed relationships. He also denied hurting his mother.

Everything that was said and done are all behind the mother and son now. The most important thing is, forgiveness prevailed and they can now move on with their lives as a happy family—again!

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