Don’t use aliases, SC reminds lawyers

Don’t use aliases, SC reminds lawyers

MANILA – The Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday reminded lawyers not to use aliases in their dealings as officers of the court and use only their real names that appear in the roll of attorneys.

In a four-page notice, the SC’s Second Division reminded officers of the court that “the use of aliases or pseudonyms is not permitted in the legal profession unlike in other professions such as those engaged in literary works and the entertainment industry”.

Lawyers, the court said, must only their names as indicated in the roll of attorneys and said “not only will this avoid confusion to the court and the public, but more importantly, it is the true and dignified information which he has stated as a member of the bar”.

Using the correct name as it appears in the roll of attorneys, the tribunal added, “will avoid causing any injury or damage to his clients, the public, and his court”.

The court made the reminder in an administrative complaint filed by a lawyer, Atty. Vicente J. Carlos against another lawyer, Atty. Carlos Alberto Celestino B. Reyes.

Among other allegations, Carlos said Reyes committed misrepresentations when he used several aliases namely Alberto II Celestino B. Reyes; Alberto Celestino Borbon Reyes II; Alberto Celestino B. Reyes II; Alberto II Borbon Reyes; Alberto II Celestino Borbon Reyes; Alberto Celestino Borbon Reyes, and Alberto R. Reyes II.

However, the SC through division clerk of court Teresita Aquino-Tuazon, in dismissing the complaint for lack of merit, said “nonetheless, Atty. Reyes is advised to be circumspect in using only his name as indicated in the roll of attorneys in the practice of his legal profession”. (PNA)

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