Virtual wedding for singers KZ Tandingan & TJ Monterde amid pandemic

Virtual wedding for singers KZ Tandingan & TJ Monterde amid pandemic

SINGERS KZ Tandingan and TJ Monterde have exchanged vows in a virtual wedding amid pandemic held in a garden setting at The Farm in San Benito in Lipa City, Batangas.

They got married on August 28, 2020 but their witnesses announced the most important occasion of their lives only recently, October 8 thru their respective Instagram accounts.  

Among those who posted the occasion were their sylist, designers and planners who were involved in the “secret wedding.”

KZ made her announcement through her and TJ’s music video on YouTube titled “Can’t Wait To Say I Do,” which also served as their wedding video which was also a preparation for their wedding day. And at the end of video, it can be read: “just married 08.20.20”. They used the hashtags #MrMRsTJxKZ which was derived from the initials of their first names. The video contains clips from their wedding.

KZ’s stylist Myrrh Lao To was one of the selected guests during the wedding. In her Instagram account, he announced that KZ and TJ are married.  The stylist also described how and where the wedding was held amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Safety is our main priority; hence we chose a venue that provides a COVID-free environment.

“Everyone involved underwent a series of COVID-19 testings and were cleared before entry as we complied responsibly with all the strict guidelines.”

La Belle Fete, the wedding planner also posted some of the photos during the wedding ceremony at the same time describing the virtual wedding—the newlyweds were beside the TV screen showing their respective families who failed to witness the important chapter of KZ and TJ’s lives.

The caption stated: “Due to the pandemic and health protocol observance, everyone had to go through a series of testing, isolation, and health follow ups.

 “It was just TJ, KZ, and a few people. Attendees only witnessed the heart to heart event virtually. Still, it was dreamy.”

Although KZ’s father failed to walk her in her wedding, he was proxied by singer Martin Nievera, who KZ regards as her second father.

KZ Tandingan’s unconventional bridal get-up was not  surprise. Just like their viral prenup shoot in Japan, KZ wore an all-white pantsuit designed by Light Shine White. For her bridal shoes, she wore sky-high platform shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti.

But as a courtesy to the solemnity of the occasion, KZ did cover her head with a diaphanous shroud for the ritual lifting of the veil followed by the wedding kiss.

KZ’s go-to stylists Myrrh Lao To and Jan Ra put together her bridal look. Mac Igarta was in charge of her make-up, while Mark Familara gave her hair flawless waves.

According to Myrrh in an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) via Instagram’s direct message, he said it was probably the most memorable look he did for the singer so far.

The celebrity stylist, who also styled the groom, said, “I’ve been with her for almost years already and this has got to be one of the most special look we’ve put her in.

“Every fitting day I would get emotional. Creating the groom’s look also made it even dearer! Having dressed them both for this momentous event has made me realize how lucky I am to be given their 100% confidence.”

Myrrh said they did try to convince KZ to wear a gown on her big day, but the singer insisted she wanted a non-traditional look.

Myrrh recalled, “When KZ and TJ got engaged, it was pretty clear for us that we will be taking a non-traditional route for KZ’s bridal look.

“KZ isn’t a fan of wearing dresses (though at one point we tried talking her into it, but failed) and she made it clear that for her wedding day, she wanted to be able to move around and be comfortable in her outfit.

“We asked LightShineWhite to recreate a look that’s very elegant and would speak of KZ’s personal style – unconventional but sophisticated.”

For her bridal bauble, Myrrh and his style team made an oversized pearl necklace. He said, “The oversized pearl necklace was just made by myself and my team (a note from KZ said na if I’m wearing a white suit, my accessories have to even be more unexpected).”

The wedding planner La Belle Fete described KZ and TJ’s wedding as:

“Praying, adoring, and celebrating – a wedding. TJ and KZ’s timeless event encapsulates an emotional journey with nature as a significant part of their ceremony. As the two stood amidst the picture-perfect scenery of earth and its lovely shades, the romantic bubble they were in glowed with a promise of a lifetime.

“The enchanting world was set in @thefarmatsanbenito with foliages, flowers, and leafed draperies. Elegance was sprawled as nordic chairs occupied the land and blue mixed well with the setting.

 “With event concoction as La Belle Fete’s cup of tea, TJ and KZ’s wedding unwittingly exemplified that the world will continue to rotate as long as love surrounds its axis. The pandemic does not stop a love so fiery and brave. It only sets love ablaze.” (Evelyn C. Diao)

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