Pastor Apollo Quiboloy to Bro. Eddie Villanueva: Will you allow homosexuality on A2Z?

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy to Bro. Eddie Villanueva: Will you allow homosexuality on A2Z?

ABS-CBN has finally found a new home after it was shut down last July when the Congress denied its franchise renewal. Its programs including its noontime show “It’s Showtime” are now on free-to-air TV, via A2Z Channel 11, formerly Zoe TV of Zoe Broadcasting Network owned by Bro. Eddie Villanueva, founder of Jesus is Lord Fellowship.

A block-time agreement was agreed upon between ABS-CBN and Zoe Broadcasting Network, Inc., hence the rebranding of Zoe TV to A2Z Channel 11.

“It’s  Showtime” started last October 10, Saturday which coincided with the birthday of Bro. Eddie, an incumbent Deputy Speaker ng House of Representatives.

While the Zoe 11 television network is owned by Bro. Eddie Villanueva, the SMNI News Channel (Sonshine Media Network International) is the broadcasting arm of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the television evangelist and founder of Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

He is the host of “Give Us This Day” which is shown on SMNI from Monday thru Friday.

During his October 9 telecast, a viewer asked for his reaction regarding the airing of “It’s Showtime”  on a TV station which is owned by a religious community.

“Is it okey to show on TV or tolerate the homosexual activity of Vice Ganda on a religious TV Channel?,” was the question to Quiboloy from a concerned viewer.

“We will ask Bro. Eddie Villanueva on what he can say about this,” was Quiboloy’s response.

To recall, in November 2019,  there was an issue between Vice Ganda and Quiboloy which stemmed from the challenge of the “It’s Showtime” host to the religious leader to stop the traffic on EDSA along with the primetime action drama series of Coco Martin “Ang Probinsyano.”

We all know the result of that challenge.

“If Vice Ganda or ABS-CBN has shows like that, will a religious leader who owns the TV station tolerate such?  It is like espousing homosexuality which is against the faith that you are preaching,” was the gentle statement of Quiboloy. “We will ask him about that,” was his response to the viewer.

“If I were the owner, I could have it rented, but there must be an agreement: ‘Do not promote this here,'”  Quiboloy’s take on homosexuality.

“Like on SMNI, you can advertise, but no vices. Food products, yes, but no sin products, it’s not possible.

Sin products are not possible with the SMNI but food products are okay. It does not go against our principle of obedience to the will of the Father,” explains Quiboloy.

He repeatedly told the viewer that only Bro. Eddie can answer the question.  “If I am the owner of Channel 11, but I am not, so we will ask him.

“O, Brother Eddie, people are asking if you will allow a show that is openly espousing homosexuality?

“Openly… this is on television promoting this. Let’s just wait for Bro. Eddie to answer that.  With me, you already know what is my answer,” added Quiboloy.

With that statement from Quiboloy, the A2Z Channel 11 which is owned by the founder of Jesus Is Lord (JIL), it is expected that the JIL community will guard Vice Ganda’s language and actions on “It’s Showtime,” most especially his boyfriend Ion Perez is in the program.

When the program was being aired on ABS-CBN, Vice Ganda and Ion Perez were free to show their feelings for each other on national television. But it looks like things will never be the same now with A2Z as this could be the reason for protest from the JIL community.

As expected, Bro. Eddie watched the first show of “It’s Showtime.”  As he was seated on the sofa watching intently, his daughter Jovi Villanueva-Binalla took a video and posted it on her social media accounts and went viral.

The caption of the video stated that Jovi wanted to convey the message to the Kapamilya that Bro. Eddie is praying for them: “Bro Eddie is praying for all of you while he is watching.. God bless you, Kapamilya!” Jovi also tagged Vice.

Vice Ganda thanked the Zoe Broadcasting Network, Inc., and Bro. Eddie profusely whom he greeted “happy birthday” many times.

Let’s wait and see how Vice Ganda will carry the banner for “It’s Showtime” now that he can no longer exude laughter to his audience through his sleazy jokes and sarcasm for which he is known for. And also, could he continue to wear those colorful wigs and heavy make up along the way?

Let’s ask Bro. Eddie!  (Evelyn C. Diao)

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