Gary V shares result of test for cancer: ‘Thank God! I’m good!’

Gary V shares result of test for cancer: ‘Thank God! I’m good!’

MR. PURE Energy Gary Valenciano ponders on the past two years of his life “miraculous,” given his good state of health after having been diagnosed with cancer and then overcoming the illness.

Just recently,  Valenciano shared with his followers an update on his health, as he chronicled through a video a day of medical testing.

“The testing is supposed to determine if everything is okay inside, or if anything has tried to make its way back into my body since 2018,” he said.

Valenciano, 56, considered his 2018 as turbulent, having undergone numerous medical procedures, including an open-heart surgery, and an operation to remove a malignant tumor from his kidney.

He admitted that he was anxious about his CT scan, and he emphasized, “I’m believing I’m okay.

“I just wanted to share this with those of you who may have had to encounter things like this, dealing with the big C,” he said.

“But don’t fear. Through it all, there’s a bigger C. That’s Christ, who is with us. Whether are not we’re going through anything, He’s always with us.”

In his video, it showed Gary was readying himself for the test before arriving at the hospital. It also had a glimpse of the CT machine.

At the end of the video, a beaming Valenciano said: “I’m good. Thank God. I’m good!”

And in his Instagram post, he quoted a biblical verse on Hebrews 10:23—“So now we must cling tightly to the hope that lives within us, knowing that God always keeps his promises!”

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