‘Mañanita boy’ Sinas gets backing for top PNP post from ‘Iron Lady’

‘Mañanita boy’ Sinas gets backing for top PNP post from ‘Iron Lady’

SOME GUYS HAVE ALL THE LUCK, as Rod Stewart once sang a song of the same title.

And this, apparently rubs on to National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) chief Debold Sinas, who, despite violating health protocols by holding a supposed surprise “mañanita” (dawn serenade) birthday celebration at the height of nationwide lockdown in May 2020, he now looms as the incoming chief of the Philippine National Police.

Again, the adage that for every rise or fall of a man there is always a woman behind might also be proven true for Sinas who — according to reliable sources — is being backed up for the top PNP post by a very powerful woman who earns the monicker “Iron Lady.”

It can be recalled that while hundreds were being arrested and fined for various violations of the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act, Sinas walked through the public outrage unscathed.

Ironically, his birthday bash in May this year at the Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City allegedly violated certain basic health protocols like the absence or lack of social distancing, non-wearing of face mask and face shield and for the mass gathering.

While people were suffering under the lockdown, virtually imprisoned in their own homes with little or, worst, no income and food, Sinas had the gall to “party-party.”

Some observers said that while Sinas “heartlessly” jailed and refused to free a group of protesting food workers armed with the proper rally permits in Marikina City, he played god and acted above the law, relishing the amusement, the booze and the bountiful food in the midst of his birthday serenade.

“What are we in power for?”

As Sinas could no longer be promoted to any position fit for a three-star general, there are now loud whispers that the “Iron Lady” —  once upon a time based in Cebu — is backing him up to succeed PNP chief Gen. Camilo Pancratius Cascolan who is set to retire this month.

Cascolan had hinted that Sinas would be promoted for a higher position. As if in a cue, Interior Secretary Eduardo Año said that since Sinas could no longer get himself promoted for a higher position fit for a three-star general, the controversial NCRPO chief could instead be appointed as PNP chief.

But the question lingers on: In the current war against the unseen killer enemy, is it wise to appoint a bold, undisciplined one to lead the fight?

According to a tabloid columnist, the “Iron Lady” from Cebu backing up Sinas’ appointment to PNP’s higest post is no other than PCSO General Manager Royina Garma. 

Sinas and Garma once served as chief of police of Cebu.(ia)

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  1. We had our taste of violent election, aside from harassment, during the time Farms. She was the city chiefs police then. It was rumored that she was somehow a mistress of a powerful executive of the Philippines.

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